Currently blending into le bush

Now here’s something you don’t see cruising around much anymore (I think my last sighting on one was circa a couple of decades ago..) – a Citreon SM.

Hopefully someone buys this one soon from the local auction yard before the bush behind it completely obscures it from view and history..

(And when I say the last one I saw was a couple of decades, from memory the blue one I saw never actually moved. It was parked in the same spot in the same street for ages and is more than likely now scrap or rebuilt into a toaster…)

Okay so as a whole, the car isn’t really lighting any fires in my soul. Or attempting to slightly warm up a cold firelighter. The teardrop shape is definately different although to me it looks like they hit a Datsun Z car with a very smudgey eraser and really blurred some curves. It’s got that 70’s length bonnet you could stretch out and sunbake on. And there’s so much brown than I’m surpised Brendan O’Connell doesn’t own a few (okay, that was a pretty rubish joke, but look at all that brown.)


So is there anything I do like with this throwback to mutton chops, fondue sets and bell bottoms?


As much as it looks like the back of the car is constantly fighting a losing battle with quicksand, I love the rear wheel obscuring fender skirts because it makes it truly different and let’s be honest, it’d look pretty plain without them (and it’s such as old school thing in a world that loves oversized loud and proud rims).

I love the fact that the front has what I laughingly call ‘a display case area’ between the lights. I have no idea what I’d put there if I had one, but it’s there. (It’s warm in Queenland, maybe bake some bread in there?)

And although it probably doesn’t turn as many heads now as it did back in the day, the Citreon SM is actually packed full of mind blowing tech (well for the 70’s that is) that was revolutionary for the time. Hit a pot hole and it wouldn’t try to wrestle the steering wheel out of your hands. Speaking of the streering, the headlights moved with the steering wheel. There’s self levelling suspension.

I like a car with gadgets. It makes me feel that one step closer to being the next James Bond (what, a man can dream can’t he?)

So would I buy it?

Er no.

But hopefully someone does, that bush looks hungry..


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