Late to the tribute party

Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR

Update: Stagea still for sale but at least the offers of next to nothing for it have dropped to a trickle (want to buy it? Check out more info in a few posts below this one!) In the meantime, allow me to present to you this: A Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR…tribute!

Not only did it make me scratch my head so much I broke a finger, it’s also been splashed across plenty of car blogs like this one way before I tripped over it…so you may have come across this already. Still, better late than never!

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It came from hell. We should tow it back.

Repent sinners for the apocalypse is nigh! However due to budget cuts the four horsemen have swapped out their firey steeds for this unholy beast I have accidentally stumbled over…(although they’re secretly hoping that nobody actually witnesses them having to ride in it…)

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