Time for a pre purchase car inspection!

Pre purchase car inspection Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

While it’s doubtful that a an hour long pre purchase car inspection would have picked up the head gasket issues on my 2005 Subaru, undoubtedly the mechanic would have noted the dried coolant spills. And possibly pointed out the age of the pipework on the radiator, maybe even zoomed in on the cracks I didn’t properly look for and note that ‘these will need to be replaced.’ Plus their fault code reader would have had the settings for Subaru, where as mine doesn’t seem to know a Subi if you threw it at them (it’s more Subi software being a little more out of the ballpark than most generic readers it seems.)

Would I still have bought it knowing the faults? Maybe. Possibly. Especially if I used what was found in the pre purchase inspection to lower the price. But then I’d also run the results past someone with more knowledge in these things that me. Regardless knowing what I know now, I’m not buying another car without one..

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In praise of the car wizard

car wizard

In between working and answering a lot of questions about the Stagea I’m selling (questions which could be answered by actually reading the ad in full), I’ve been watching a lot of automotive YouTube as of late. Starting with the self proclaimed¬†dumbest car channel on all of YouTube¬†which in turn had me watching a man with almost all the automotive answers I could ever ask, the Wizard…

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Behold the parts bin Frankencar!

Look I’m all for cobbling bits and pieces together and hoping for the best, it’s how I usually get any and all computers in my household working again when things go bang. When it comes to cars though, I prefer to use correct model parts – Mazda bits for Mazda, Nissan for Nissan, Toyota for Lexus etc..

Setting a new record (until proven by something else with more bits), meet the project culled together by 28 different cars…

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Bring out your dead (for the Princess)

The much loved father in law has swung by Driveanotherday HQ to spend some time us with us and so his week long visit couldn’t be complete without a poke around the Carrara Secondhand Car Lot of Wonderment, aka Llyods.

In no time flat he found a HJ GTS Monaro that he really wanted to drive home. Me? I found the perfect vehicle to deliver you to your final resting place.

If you knew Al Capone on a first name basis that is..

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When the apocalypse arrives, hail this taxi

Seriously, less than twenty-four hours since my own Stagea has been let out of the panel beaters all shiny and ready to drive again, I’ve stumbled on the another Stagea that’s gone the completely opposite way and in turn has become ultimate apocalypse cruising war machine you’re ever going to meet outside of the back lot of a Mad Max movie.

When the bombs drop, I’m reaching for the sand blaster..

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R31 GT Wagon – you are clear to land on runway 3…

Ahh bless the hard working lads at Iron Chef Imports and their always amusing Facebook page. Once again they’ve delved deep into the current offerings of importable Japanese automotive excellence and come up with a true winner.

Yes that is a fairly unexciting R31 GT Passage Wagon above (well unexciting for me but that blocky mid 80’s lunchbox on wheels look might just light a fire under you or deep within your cockles who knows.) But like a cream filled cheap chocolate or an ages old Limo on Gumtree, it’s what’s on the inside that counts..

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The prancing brapping horse

Color me confused today internet as I’m not sure what to call this combination of ‘Japanese rotary technology’ meets attempted ‘Italian Super car Ferrari F40’. Is it a now an F47, an RX40, RX407, Ferrotary or just a terribly strange idea from the get go?

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Won’t someone set the Monster free?

At my favourite go kart track here on the Gold Coast (automatic favourite as I’ve only checked out one so far) I already have my hands full keeping an 80kph kart from getting a little silly. I could only imagine the nerves of steel you’d have to have trying to wrestle the Monster Kart around the 1600m…

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How safe is now?

To get a roadworthy check previously I’d have to ring a garage, organise a time, drop the car off in the morning, get a lift to work, get a lift back to the garage when it was hopefully ready for pickup and go from there. This time all I had to do was answer my phone…

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Getting oil stains out of your garage floor

Oil stains garage

Lets face it, garages are supposed to get dirty. Unless you’re rich enough to have a car wash installed at the front of your garage, sooner or later the place is going to get dirty and your concrete floors are going to get stained. It’s what garages were built for really. However with a rent inspection on the way for yours truly, I figured the rental place probably wouldn’t be too enthused with the fine collection of 5w40 I’ve been building up directly under the engine bay and so some kind of effort would be needed in clean up before they came calling…

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