Sold a car but it’s still in my name – use the force (vicroads transfer)

I recently got the re-registration papers for the Toyota Soarer. Yes the same Soarer I sold back in December. The new owner had obviously neglected to get out and register it in his name which meant since it was still registered to me (and my address) all possible fines, bills, penalties and re-registration would come to me. Such mysterious fun!

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The limited sightings of the GT Limited.

I doubt there’s been a week since I sold my Soarer that I haven’t tripped over another Toyota Soarer somewhere. Whether they’re the Twin Turbo or V8 variety, it seems Australia imported over a tonne of Z30 models over the years and now given their relatively low price, they can be found pretty everywhere. (So it’s now up there with Commodores, Falcons and once upon a time the Hyundai Excel).

What you rarely see however, is the earlier second generation Z20 models running around – which is a shame really because they look the business and scream 80’s more than a strung out Duran Duran fan…

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Soaring off into the sunset

Amazing isn’t it? After being advertised for all of 48 hours it still took 3 hours and a meticulous check of the supplied paperwork before the first viewer of ProjectWRX was keen to buy it on behalf of his son. In comparison Project SOARER  (my 1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo) has been listed for over a month now and only took two corners for the buyer to suddenly decide ‘Well why not?’..

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