The Toyota Mr2 that didn’t come in from the cold

Mr2 Kawasaki Ninja

New year, same covid times. But on a brighter note all that extra time at home when you should be quarantining does lend itself to spending more time on car projects. I don’t have one currently, as I’m still trying to work out why my airbrush is blowing more bubbles than actually paint out of the end (probably should have cleaned it properly a while back but that’s my issue) but there’s plenty going on project wise across the rest of the world to report on –  like this Toyota MR2…now powered by a pair of Kawasaki Ninja’s.

And even better, it’s for sale!

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Canvas the neighbourhood

Toyota Starlet

It’s amazing what you learn from Facebook (yes, even dubious Facebook can give you the occasional education it seems) – I had no idea up until today that there was a version of the Toyota Starlet that came with a canvas top! (I was thinking that it was something home made ala This Mitsubishi Colt we found decades ago).

But it’s real and we’ve found one.

And if you’re keen on the one we’ve found, we hope you’re good at canvas repair..

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A Toyota called Ed?

On the way to work the other day I drove past a very ratty rusty  looking Toyota I’d never seen before – on the back garnish/scuff plate/whatever the bit between the rear lights is called proudly displayed ‘ED’ in factory lettering.

A Toyota Ed? What the hell was I looking at here?


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Sold a car but it’s still in my name – use the force (vicroads transfer)

I recently got the re-registration papers for the Toyota Soarer. Yes the same Soarer I sold back in December. The new owner had obviously neglected to get out and register it in his name which meant since it was still registered to me (and my address) all possible fines, bills, penalties and re-registration would come to me. Such mysterious fun!

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The invisible Toyota 4Runner

I recently had to update my details with the roadside service I’ve used for years so they if the Stagea suddenly got hit by a meteorite out of town, I could get it towed back for free to someone with a hammer.

However after a quick phone call and the usual proof of ID check, they told me that they had me currently registered as owning…a Toyota 4Runner (aka a Hilux).

This of course is definitely news to me…

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All that glitters is not just an Apple smartwatch

We read today that the new Apple Smartwatch will be released here in Australia sometime next month and for those who have more money than sense, there’s an 18 karat gold version that will set you back $24,000 AUS.

Yes 24K to blow on something that talks to your iPhone. I too can do this and I’m nowhere near that expensive.

However if you do prefer to put 24K towards filling your backyard with automotive gold (as in paint color..), allow us to unearth some possible purchases a little bit bigger than something you strap to your wrist..

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The limited sightings of the GT Limited.

I doubt there’s been a week since I sold my Soarer that I haven’t tripped over another Toyota Soarer somewhere. Whether they’re the Twin Turbo or V8 variety, it seems Australia imported over a tonne of Z30 models over the years and now given their relatively low price, they can be found pretty everywhere. (So it’s now up there with Commodores, Falcons and once upon a time the Hyundai Excel).

What you rarely see however, is the earlier second generation Z20 models running around – which is a shame really because they look the business and scream 80’s more than a strung out Duran Duran fan…

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Oh what a monster

I will admit that I have never driven a rally car in my life – but given the chance, I have stated in the past that I would hand over half of my man parts for a seat behind the wheel of a Lancia Delta Integrale.
But then I saw a pic of the Toyota 222D and…well lets just say I might be singing castrato for a while.

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Soaring off into the sunset

Amazing isn’t it? After being advertised for all of 48 hours it still took 3 hours and a meticulous check of the supplied paperwork before the first viewer of ProjectWRX was keen to buy it on behalf of his son. In comparison Project SOARER  (my 1991 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo) has been listed for over a month now and only took two corners for the buyer to suddenly decide ‘Well why not?’..

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Behold the bargain Baron!

Here’s a fun game – fire up eBay on your browser, hit the automotive section and marvel at what you can find near the top when you set your search for ‘Cheapest price first’.

Undoubtedly you’ll see plenty of Toyota Corolla Hatchback’s in there but you might just be lucky enough to land on one with personality, like today’s find ‘The Red Baron!’

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