Changing your Impreza spark plugs

Yep, the Slowbaru is still hanging in there, only recently I’ve noticed that it’s felt a little sluggish at times. Add that to the occasional (it hangs around for less than a sip of coffee) flash of the check engine light and a sudden increased thirst for the petrol stuff and it looks like it’s time to swap out the spark plugs.
Luckily it’s a fairly non eventful job, once you remove everything else in the way first..

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A green volcano from the radiator.. (possible Subaru head gasket)

I’ve been pretty lucky with my cars right up until this one. But now that the new radiator and hoses have gone into the Subaru Impreza, instead of fixing the problems I’ve been having it’s instead revealed that the issues are coming a little further deeper in the EJ25 engine than first thought.

Or in clearer terms – The infamous EJ25 Subaru head gasket issue strikes again! Damnit.. I was enjoying this car until now..

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When coolant goes out but air comes in..

2005 Subaru radiator

After another occasion where the heat gauge jumped around like it was at a House of Pain party, I finally booked the Slowbaru for a full cooling system check. The good news is: It’s not the head gaskets. And even more amusingly, somehow the radiator lasted well beyond its typical life cycle..

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The heat is on – replacing your Subaru Thermostat

Another heat related issue popped up recently on Bax the 05 Subaru Impreza and since we burped him last time, I figured maybe we needed to go a little deeper to sort out this issue this time. This was also a great lesson in how easy it is install a Subaru ThermostatĀ the 2nd timeĀ after blindly following the way they installed things before I got there.. the more you learn.

Edit: Sigh and now I’m reinstalling things for the third time..

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How to change your Subaru Impreza knock sensor

Subaru knock sensor

The tyres been fixed (turned out it was a little screw causing all the headaches – thanks to Jax Albury for sorting it out in lightning time) and while I was on the way to the tire shop, Repco called me to tell me the knock sensor was in a day early! Time to pop this into the Bax the Subaru Impreza, clear the fault codes and enjoy some normal motoring for a time!

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Knocks and burps – sorting out the Subaru one week in

Sigh. I was going to do a big write up about my latest acquisition, a 2005 Subaru Impreza aka Bax the Boxer here. And eventually I’ll get to writing up how I’m enjoying it, although wishing it had a couple more features like a sunroof and better fuel range info. But first things first, a week into owning it and wouldn’t you know it? I’m already looking up replacement parts..

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Breathing new life into your old rusty windscreen wipers

Windshield wipers

If your windscreen wipers are starting to look a little shabby (the whole mechanism, not just the blades themselves) then there’s a few options. You could buy a whole new assembly, go to the wreckers for a better-than-your-current-set from a similar model or do what we did: break out the tools and really get to work. (Note: there’s not that much work involved.)

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Less whine WRX please

Subaru power steering pump

It’s always the way isn’t it? If it isn’t one thing it’s another – case in point for project WRX was just finishing up the pulley swapover when the Subaru power steering pump started to groan like a small business getting a massive tax bill. A power steering noise? And here I was thinking that was the end of the whining in the Rex’s engine bay…

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A pulley for your thoughts (Subaru ac pulley replacement)

The latest edition to the Driveanotherday HQ is a 1994 Australian delivered Subaru Impreza WRX, completely stock save for the nice boxer rumble from the dealer fitted Lucas exhaust. And while this low k, well kept example cruises very nicely on the open highway, it’s come with a high pitched whine very similar to a supercharger winding up…

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