Another Rx40

Isn’t it amazing when you start on one place on social media and then with just a couple of clicks, a twist and turn here, a jump there and suddenly you find yourself looking at something completely different, all while asking the Talking Heads inspired question: How did I get here?

Case in point earlier this week when I was looking at a Facebook post after a damaged Ferrari project.

A link in the post later suddenly I find myself looking at a Series 1 Mazda Rx7 with prancing horse aspirations that have lasted almost three decades now…

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It lives again. And again. And Again..

(This is a long long loooooooong term rx7 post of two parts and it will probably help a lot if you go back and read the first part linked below. The first part is a bit of a lengthy read but really paints the picture of this car’s background and misadventures.)

Over four years ago now through this site in its infancy, I managed to track down the location of one of my previously owned (and one of the funnest of the bunch so far) cars, my 1989 Series 5 Mazda Rx7. I was very proud that the 80’s beast lived to Brap again.

Incredibly now in 2018, I’ve managed to find it up for sale once again. New owner, new location. Only this time it looks to be in its best and fastest condition yet!

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Do you know where the first car you ever bought is right now?

It’s an interesting pub question – do you know what ever happened to the first car you ever bought (not the first car you ever owned if you ended up with a hand me down)? My first ever car I owned was a 1989 Ford Laser, but the first car I ever shelled out my hard earned for was also from 1989 – A series 5 Mazda Rx7 turbo imported from Japan. And until recently I thought it had ended up as a pile or rotary parts in the back of someone’s backyard…

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