Let’s get lifted! 1995 Mazda Mx5

Well this is a rarity isn’t it? This Facebook found 95 Mx5 not only comes with a lot of pictures (not taken with a potato) but also has a decent write up AND on top of things, looks like an absolute hoot to drive. What could possibly go wrong here? Welcome to Safari style!

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LS the world, one MX5 at a time.

So you’ve got a 1990 Mazda Mx5 (that’s a Miata for all our US brothers and sisters) you picked up as a repairable write off for pretty cheap. You could do what the name suggests and repair the thing to get it back on the road…

Or you could throw a LS1 in there for the hell of it and follow your mantra of ‘Ls’ing the world.’

Up to you really…

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