Litres of luxury – The Mazda 929

In honor of the Grandpa-Spec and immaculately kept Mazda 929 I drove passed this morning on the way to work (no pictures sadly, I was too busy drooling over the amazing condition this glorious slice of the 80’s was in – it just gleamed) I have dubbed today ‘929 appreciation day’.

Why? Because Mazda.

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Rolling in the Mazda 929, power tie optional.

So what does $500 buy you nowadays? Well for $500 you can buy a block of shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (but you’ll also have to pay brokerage on top of that), a pretty decent acoustic guitar that isn’t made out of a packing crate or one weeks premium petrol for monster ported Rotary.

Alternatively for the team here, $500 could get you a trip back in the Automotive time machine to an era where luxury meant be able to change settings on your in car analog graphic equalizer while on your way to a board meeting with massive shoulder pads and a tie as wide as the road – you guessed it, sitting pretty in your upscale 1988 Mazda 929…  

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