Runs good! The 91 Miata almost ready to roll

91 Miata

Yes I know we call them Mx5’s down under as well as other places. Yes it might need a new transmission before you get lost in the dessert with it, but how awesome is the setup in this 1991 Miata anyway? Snap on some goggles, wrap a scarf over your mouth as you have at it, churning the sand, dirt and everything else like it’s nobody’s business!

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6 things I love in the Mazda 6. And 3 I don’t.

2012 Mazda 6 Touring

Yes the good news is, I bought my next car here at Driveanotherday HQ. The bad news is, I still have the Subaru here glaring daggers at the far newer 2012 Mazda 6. Still, potential car animosity aside I’m slowly getting to grips with all the bells and whistles of this Mazda 6 Touring Edition (and there’s quite a few of them) and after roughly a week there’s some things I love and a couple of bits I reckon definitely have room for improvement..

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Let’s get lifted! 1995 Mazda Mx5

Well this is a rarity isn’t it? This Facebook found 95 Mx5 not only comes with a lot of pictures (not taken with a potato) but also has a decent write up AND on top of things, looks like an absolute hoot to drive. What could possibly go wrong here? Welcome to Safari style!

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Another Rx40

Isn’t it amazing when you start on one place on social media and then with just a couple of clicks, a twist and turn here, a jump there and suddenly you find yourself looking at something completely different, all while asking the Talking Heads inspired question: How did I get here?

Case in point earlier this week when I was looking at a Facebook post after a damaged Ferrari project.

A link in the post later suddenly I find myself looking at a Series 1 Mazda Rx7 with prancing horse aspirations that have lasted almost three decades now…

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Mazda 808 – 808 problems and some rust is one

Mazda 808 badge

Alright Mazda and classic car fans, here’s a Mazda 808 for sale (well auction) that has everything! (Everything includes rough paint, rust, bubbles, a couple of dints and an engine that turns over but doesn’t start.) If you’re looking for a Mazda 808 project to restore then is one is for you!

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LS the world, one MX5 at a time.

So you’ve got a 1990 Mazda Mx5 (that’s a Miata for all our US brothers and sisters) you picked up as a repairable write off for pretty cheap. You could do what the name suggests and repair the thing to get it back on the road…

Or you could throw a LS1 in there for the hell of it and follow your mantra of ‘Ls’ing the world.’

Up to you really…

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It lives again. And again. And Again..

(This is a long long loooooooong term rx7 post of two parts and it will probably help a lot if you go back and read the first part linked below. The first part is a bit of a lengthy read but really paints the picture of this car’s background and misadventures.)

Over four years ago now through this site in its infancy, I managed to track down the location of one of my previously owned (and one of the funnest of the bunch so far) cars, my 1989 Series 5 Mazda Rx7. I was very proud that the 80’s beast lived to Brap again.

Incredibly now in 2018, I’ve managed to find it up for sale once again. New owner, new location. Only this time it looks to be in its best and fastest condition yet!

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Litres of luxury – The Mazda 929

In honor of the Grandpa-Spec and immaculately kept Mazda 929 I drove passed this morning on the way to work (no pictures sadly, I was too busy drooling over the amazing condition this glorious slice of the 80’s was in – it just gleamed) I have dubbed today ‘929 appreciation day’.

Why? Because Mazda.

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The Capelling Wagon at the bank

A couple of days ago I had to take my wife to the bank and I managed to park my not so commonly seen imported wagon next to…an even less commonly seen imported Mazda Capella wagon. Mrs Drive automatically dismissed it as a ‘dark blue beat up old Mazda’ where I was wondering what exactly was the winding down sound I was hearing it make from the engine bay..

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Do you know where the first car you ever bought is right now?

It’s an interesting pub question – do you know what ever happened to the first car you ever bought (not the first car you ever owned if you ended up with a hand me down)? My first ever car I owned was a 1989 Ford Laser, but the first car I ever shelled out my hard earned for was also from 1989 – A series 5 Mazda Rx7 turbo imported from Japan. And until recently I thought it had ended up as a pile or rotary parts in the back of someone’s backyard…

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Rolling in the Mazda 929, power tie optional.

So what does $500 buy you nowadays? Well for $500 you can buy a block of shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (but you’ll also have to pay brokerage on top of that), a pretty decent acoustic guitar that isn’t made out of a packing crate or one weeks premium petrol for monster ported Rotary.

Alternatively for the team here, $500 could get you a trip back in the Automotive time machine to an era where luxury meant be able to change settings on your in car analog graphic equalizer while on your way to a board meeting with massive shoulder pads and a tie as wide as the road – you guessed it, sitting pretty in your upscale 1988 Mazda 929…  

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