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Lotus Exige

The humble beginnings of a brilliant plan

It’s a deceptively simple plan too. I’m going to come up with something that no one has ever even contemplated, make squillions of the idea, retire at 40 (roughly 1.5 years to go) and then I’m going to buy something stupidly nimble, fun and low to the ground to race around in to keep myself amused.

Something like this Lotus Exige perhaps?

Now the only thing to do is work out exactly what this idea will actually be…

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Lotusing around Lancefield

Swap meet time again! Time for Baz the father in law and myself to wheel and deal and find that much needed part to his latest project. This time we found ourselves in the freezingly cold and then later on in the day quite toasty small Victorian town of Lancefield ready to discover bargains a plenty.

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