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Why you need a multi tool in your car

For a tool I bought out of sheer necessity one arvo (long story short: my battery died, I needed to get it out of the clamp and my local 7-11 was the only place that sold anything looking remotely like a tool) my multi-tool has been an effective piece of kit recently. It turns out my $17.95 tool of all trades, master of none does have its uses and here’s a few reasons why like a solid breaker bar, it’s handy to have one tucked away in your car somewhere.

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Surely there’s an easier way than this..

The last time I attempted to do some filming for a YouTube clip in my car? It wasn’t pretty. I was recording on my hard working phone and without any stability, it was sliding all over the shop…I mean wagon. So in my ingenuity I bought some cheap tape from 7-11 and taped my phone to the instrument cluster. As I said, not pretty in the slightest.

It worked but I figured…there’s got to be an easier way to do this.

Thankfully I found one for just a couple of bucks. And it suits the Stagea perfectly!
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