Another Rx40

Isn’t it amazing when you start on one place on social media and then with just a couple of clicks, a twist and turn here, a jump there and suddenly you find yourself looking at something completely different, all while asking the Talking Heads inspired question: How did I get here?

Case in point earlier this week when I was looking at a Facebook post after a damaged Ferrari project.

A link in the post later suddenly I find myself looking at a Series 1 Mazda Rx7 with prancing horse aspirations that have lasted almost three decades now…

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No coffee, nor cars this weekend

Well that’s disappointing – I haven’t been to Coffee and Cars Gold Coast so far in my time in Queensland and I figured during the last weekend of my annual leave it would be the perfect way to cap off what’s been an eventful holiday. Now that the Stag’s back and not being a jerk I was planning to give it a clean and hopefully park it next to something else Japanese on the day.

But it’s not to be. The threat of Covid 19/Corona Virus has made the organizers think twice about running it this weekend. And even though they don’t usually hit the 500 people mark (anything more than that and it’s highly suggested you don’t run that event for the risk of infection) they’re still not keen to take that risk.

Which is fair enough and I can’t say I blame them either. So in my latest post you won’t be getting a rundown of what appeared out of the sheds of the Gold Coast early on a Saturday morning…but instead you can ooh and ahh over some Ferrari’s instead. Sounds like a pretty good compromise yeah?*

*Unless of course you don’t like Ferrari’s? In which case maybe you’d prefer something a little tamer?

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The swinging replicated 60s

Ferrari Dino

If you were like me growing up there’s a fair chance there was a couple of car posters on your wall (for me it was a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa for a time, glorious). Also if you’ve grown up like me there’s every chance you can’t and won’t even get to ludicrous amounts of spare coin available to purchase that Ferrari Dino above. (Oh what I could do with 400K+ right now..)

That’s okay because I’ve found a far cheaper alternative, especially if the Ferrari Dino is your pick of the prancing horse brigade…

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On the hunt for an incredible bargain priced…Ferrari?

The Ferrari 488 GTB goes on sale here in Australia in December 2015….but (and it’s a Sir Mix-A-Lot sized but here) if you pay for one in December, you’re still going to have to wait a couple more years before it actually is able to be parked outside of your mansion and bragged about to your cashed up friends.

Finding that wait a touch on the long side, baulking at the mortgage level cost of $470k AUS and keeping the focus on the fun that is a used car, we’ve decided instead to find a few more bargain Ferrari’s more in line with average (not much) earnings.

So if you have a hankering for a prancing horse badged..something outside of your bachelor pad, read on!

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