The cruising convoy of the BSCCC (Bendigo Sports and Classic Car Club)

For me ‘Do you want to go on a car cruise?’ is a statement right up there with ‘Steak okay for dinner?’ and ‘I’ve filled the fridge with your favourite beer, enjoy!’ It’s not something I hear often but I rarely say no when it does. And so before I knew it I was in the in laws HR Holden, ready to be part of a great cruise with the BSCCC (Bendigo Sports and Classic Car Club.)

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Let’s get historic – Part 1 The Displays

It’s been a while between race tracks. Initially I thought my last stop was Phillip Island (9 years back) but then I realised I was also working at the Gold Coast 600 a couple of years back so that’s the closest one. Still, either way it’s been a while between track visits and so the family jumped at the chance to take in the sights, sounds and metal of Winton Historic on the Sunday just gone.

I walked a lot of the grounds and took many a picture which is while this latest post will be in separate parts, putting things into various categories rather than one massive pic dump. So on that, let’s start with some of the display cars including quite a few you just don’t see around on the roads so much anymore and my occasional ramblings along the way..

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Coffee and Cars Gold Coast 18/7/20

So we were lined up to visit our Coffee and Cars here on the Gold Coast a short while back, only for Covid-19 to really clamp down the anchors on it. However as restrictions eased, plans were put into place for the next one – the countdown on to this weekend just gone. And so on Friday night you could practically hear the Gold Coast car community frantically vacuuming and polishing their cars to perfection, ready for the big morning..

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