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Bond…on a beer budget.

Can’t afford the latest and greatest James Bond instant sex symbol slice of automotive excellence? You’re not alone fam, I feel you. (Thumps fist against heart twice). But if you really have a hankering to own some kind of James Bond style status symbol in your garage to bore impress friends, family and neighbors with then I’ve found three possible options here in Australia. Yes they need work. But pretending to be a secret agent isn’t supposed to be easy is it?
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If This Then BMW

If you’ve never heard of the amazing app IFTTT then you’re missing out. Short for ‘If this, then that’ it’s an app for iPhone and Android that works with a lot of different programs and applications to help make your life a little bit easier. And if you’re driving a BMW at the moment that can get the BMW Labs widget, then IFTTT BMW could be your new best friend…

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