So who left this behind?

So the last time we took a look at what was on offer in the latest abandoned vehicles auction locally we came across a swamp donkey of a Nissan 180SX and a lot of burnt vehicles. (And the purpose of buying one of those still escapes me). This time around however we’ve come across something far rarer which begs the obvious question – who leaves one of these behind?

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Spending of many a pretty Kopek


So with Covid-19 restrictions lifting¬†ever so slowly,¬†the burning desire to spend some of the money you’ve saved through a lack of social activity and travel increases. Maybe then it’s time to put it all towards and new ride.

And speaking of slowly, what about this thing above? Let me tell you all about it…once I work out what it is of course…

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How much is that in Cryptocurrency?


I have a passion for things with wheels (usually 4 but results may vary.) I have a trifling collection of various cryptocurrency. Can both these spheres of crypto and all things automotive combine for our latest article here at Drive Another Day?

It’s 2019. of course they can! You can buy practically anything with Bitcoin!*


*Bytecoin not so much.

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