1995 Chrysler LeBaron – meet the Humdinger!

1995 Chrysler LeBaron

Remember that episode of Top Gear where there lads created their own car, the Hammerhead Eagle-1 Thrust? For a moment I thought this Chrysler LeBaron was one of theirs too. But no, it’s another of those incredibly unique builds you find on Facebook classifieds looking for a new owner!

But are you ready to take this award winner home and make it your own? Let’s find out!

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93 Buick Roadmaster – rough holiday road

Okay, it’s not the same model as the classic road wagon of National Lampoons Vacation, but if you squint (a lot) and do that from a far distance while inhebriated, you might think it’s close. Of course there’s a lot of work involved in getting this Buick Roadmaster good to go for the next ride to Wally’s World..

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