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Brown 1970 Volvo

Some busy times with the latest move to Albury – entertaining family for Easter, still hunting down a replacement turbo for the Stagea and recently trying to find a mower for cheap. Amazingly I ended up with three for the budget I was planning to spend (and got them all working!) but when picking them up, I didn’t spare a minute to properly look at what was parked out back. A few days later thanks to Facebook I see that like the mowers, it’s also for sale.

There’s probably more than just a new spark plug and fresh petrol to get this up to scratch like my new mowers though..

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We’re back in business. With a Purvis.

New year, new internet host, much more web space now to rant and rave about the wonderful cars I see out and about. Or in this case (again) stumble over via Facebook. This time around it’s a Purvis Eureka, a kit car we haven’t seen for close to four years now..

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The need to Graduate

At first I was thinking it was a quite day in the auction yard, with nothing really capturing my attention (well there was a nice Monaro with sparkly paint that didn’t look too bad and a couple of rough looking Nissans – but nothing that really stood out and screamed ‘You definitely don’t see one of those every day!)

Well until I stepped inside and came face to face with a fierce looking graduate…

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