Cars Rule Everything Around Me – Enter the Wu!

Today we take a look at rides influenced by the Wu Tang Clan. Why? Because we can. Nah mean?

A long time ago when I couldn’t tell a rotary from a rotisserie, I enjoyed the adventurous tales of people with too much money and occasionally zero taste in Hot 4’s magazine. Of course not everyone could afford to restitch everything inside their rides with purple cow hide nor drown their car in fresh candy apple red paint and so the readers rides section was probably born. You could submit your ride and with everything crossed, hopefully be able to one day claim your pride and joy had indeed been in a car mag at least one time in it’s life (even if it was a million miles way from ever being mistaken for a show car.)

Now don’t ask me how I remembered this, but one time in the readers rides there was a backyard special Nissan Pulsar with a massive Wu Tang Clan logo emblazoned on the hood (from the famous US Hip HipĀ group The Wu Tang Clan). It even had Wu themed number plates (something like THARZA or something.)

Which in turn got me wondering…was this Nissan Pulsar the only set of wheels that got the Wu Tang Clan treatment?

I asked Google and they replied ‘Of course not, represent!’

So without any further ado 1, 2, here’s the Wu!

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan

Wu Miata Wu Tang Clan

This WuMX5/Miata came with it’s own hilarious Craigslist ad!

Ayo whattup the drift world is full of wishwash S13s nahmean. Imma jus get right to it:

94 Miata (dropped same year as 6 Feet Deep)
5spds, so you choose
springs cut with Shaolin steel
no muffler, so swarm
diff welded with words
new timing belt, water pump
recently blessed

I aint gonna front shits real bouncy son, best part is it bangs but it aint d–kridin nobody else style namsayin. But check it shit looks like Ish from WCC got the interior on. Runs like Tunechi when he see a d^^k swingin near. Drop $1800 gotta update the kitchen. May trade for a motherf—–n Ruckus.

And the best wheels to add if you’re going to add some Wu Livery?

Why these of course!

Wu Tang Clan

Of course if the Wu is bangin on the outside of your ride, it should be bangin on the inside too!


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