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Back to the yard for a look through the car auctions

Who doesn’t like a trip to the car auctions? In my latest visit to my new favorite auction yard (Lloyds Gold Coast) I’ve come across some classic metal and one hell of a way of getting through the next M1 Highway traffic jam…

It’s not just me who’s become slightly addicted to seeing what’s on offer at the auction yard daily as my wife has really sharpened her bargain spotting skills. She’s scored cheap toys for the kids, a GPS unit, place mats and even a decent quality bedside table while I’m yet to actually land a single auction win due to the fact that a) I forget when they end and b) by the time I do remember there’s just enough time to log in…and miss out by mere seconds.

However even though I miss everything, I still pick up things on her behalf and in my latest visit to the auction yard I came across more than a few choice pieces to dream and drool over…

Mitsubishi Evolution

I’m still trying to convince the wife that a Mitsubishi Evolution would be a fantastic upgrade to her current Lancer but she’d have to learn how to drive stick…and not power slide around corners when taking the son to school…

1947 International Utility

The perfect carry all if you’re planning your own Moonshine business..

Australia car auctions

And then you can upgrade to this one if the moonshine business is going well…

1965 Ford Mustang

Corvette Stingray

Australia car auctions

Ford Mustang

Holden Torana car auctions

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

I bet the sound absolutely bounces right around the auction house when this thing is started up…


gt 500 car auctions

I saw this gorgeous example one afternoon when I was picking up the place mats and thought it was just visiting. But no, someone wanted to part with it. They must need the money because I couldn’t think of any other reason why you’d want to let this go..

And finally…the road warrior

Now feel free to chime in if you know what this thing is (I could go and look it up but why ruin the surprise?) – I just love the fact that standing proudly at the entrance to the auction building is one hell of a way to run over anything and everything. I would have loved to see the appraisers face when they were first approached with the owner of this thing:

‘Er…so I have a vehicle I’d like you guys to auction off…’

‘Certainly sir is a car or truck?’

‘Well um…’


‘Not really…’

‘Ahh a watercraft then?’

‘Well actually…’

Behold…this tank!

car auctions

Can’t wait to see what pops up next week…

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