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The yard sale with the Stag in the back

So I’ve found an car auction yard on the way to work. This could be very dangerous to the health of my wallet…

Now I found this car auction yard one drive to work a month ago while attempting to discover a possible shortcut and while I saw some classic cars lined up for inspection, it wasn’t until last week when I finally found some time to venture in for a proper look around.

Do I need another car? No I don’t. Do I have space for another car at home? I definitely do not. But I do enjoy a wander around interesting places to see what I could find and a car auction yard full of random machinery is a good a place as any to start.

It wasn’t long before a couple of automobiles stood out from the commuter cars and people movers either:


The Audi, Porsche and Aston Martin were a great sign that this car auction yard wasn’t just about all white cars that will get you from A to B with no frills attached.


Now I’m not sure what the go is with this one – is it coming up on a future auction or did the local yard wildlife need a place to relieve themselves and the SV6 drew the short straw? Whatever the reason it’s stuck in a corner of the yard and getting crapped on by the minute. (Are the birds here Ford fanatics?) Hopefully it gets hits by a fire hose first before it ends up on the auction block.


EDIT: Site says it’s a 1950 Ford Single Spinner Utility.

Rego check says unregistered so all I know is that this would be an amazing little project for someone. Love the paint. LS the world maybe?

If anyone can ID this thing, go right ahead.


(These are being auctioned off at the end of the week.)

Apparently this has an SR20 under the hood (according to the rear sticker) which would make this a lot of fun to drive.

According to the auction website what you’re looking at is 1980 Chrysler Lancer Hatchback and it does indeed have a Nissan SR20 under the hood. Good goly, what fun this thing would be to drive!

Right in front of it was this lovely 911 from 1986.


Colour me impressed – a NM35 Stagea up for auction? Happy days! (Definitely keeping an eye on what this one goes for..)

And then I ventured inside…

I didn’t realise the building was hosting quite a few tasty automotive treats (as well as fridges, tools, sofas and guitars…but you came here to see the cars…so here they are!)

A 1987 Ferrari Testarossa

69 Pontiac Firebird

2005 Ford Mustang GT

So far I’ve put a $10 bid on a Tanglewood guitar and reckoned that $300 is a good opening bis for the Stag. Wish me luck! 😀


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  1. Steve Lynx says:

    Beware the Ford Mainline ute, they have structural woodwork in the sides that is almost always rotted. Oh god when you said Stag, I was worried you meant Triumph. Like the green XA GT but puzzled over the grandpa visor on it?

  2. Almigo says:

    Give it a couple of weeks Steve and I’m sure there’ll be Triumph Stag in the yard waiting for a new home. Personally I’d like to see a Datsun Z car or two there but I know they’ll go well past my budget of not much in record time 😀

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