So many fun looking toys, so little time. Or actual money.

Had a spare twenty minutes before heading off to work today so swung by the local auction yard to drool, dream and magically wish someone would throw me the keys. To everything. The Orange monster we spied last time is still there sitting quietly but let’s have a look at everything else up on the auction block currently…

You’re still here?

The Aliens Vs Predator car we spied back in October is still in the lot for some reason. Is it back for another auction? Has someone finally swung by to give this beast a new home? (Check out more pics including a comment from the bloke who painted it up originally right here.) 

1982 Mazda Rx7

A pair of triangles? Awesome. Brighter than the brightest of bananas and as clean as…well a bright yellow Rx7. Still got the original 12A too.
(Amazing how when you search for Rx7’s for sale it’s always first gens like this one or a series 6-8, not so much series 4 and 5. Fallen out of favor? Not enough left from parting? Too good to let go? Let me know.)

2002 Lotus Elise 3

According to the ad it’s only got 18,000km on it. Did someone seriously buy it and only drive it roughly 1000kms per year? If that’s the case, what else where they driving for the other 16 years that got most of the attention? (Ad doesn’t mention a little old lady who stylishly took it to Church on Sundays.)

Racing Datto

No details to go on other than it’s been here for a while and a ‘this would undoubtedly look great dropping my son off to school in’ type of feel.

Racing GTiR

It’s been a long long time since I’ve seen a normal GTiR anywhere, let alone a race prepped on. Still I love the Satin grey and it’s got that look that it’s light and powerful enough to really haul ass. Potentially sideways.

(From the official website: Description/extras: Built in 1991. Nismo Japanese built full rally car Targa Australia, very low kilometers. Motor GTIR 2000 litre new motor still to be run in, Cosworth parts and engine 400hp mild tune, 8 sets of new 15×8 Mono Blocks, full coil over suspension, Mono Tec Systm, TRS 4″belts dated 2019×2, full roll cage CAM approved, re cell 50 litre tank. This is a very quick car!)
That sounds like a lot of fun!


Photos cannot do this crystal like paint job enough justice. Sadly it’s not listed yet so all I can tell you is that it’s got a lovely paint job and would practically glisten in the sunlight.


Another one that’s not listed yet and due to my lack of muscle car knowledge, I can’t tell you if it’s the real deal, a Super Snake version or a glorious looking replica. Still I’d love to impress random strangers by pretending to be Nicolas Cage from Gone in 60 Seconds cruising around, avoiding bad guys and trying to save my brother.

HR Wagon

Finally here in tribute to my father in law who has his own, raised from shabby project to stylish sky blue wagon cruiser. I’ve just sent him a bunch of pictures of it and awaiting his reply – he’ll probably want me to knock off the seats because they do look good. First time I’ve seen one in black too.

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