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C34 Stagea Fuel Economy Test

Once upon a time I was getting pretty rubbish fuel economy in my C34 Nissan Stagea – mileage up there with my old Rx7 which honestly wasn’t that great (just a sniff over 400ks to a tank). However once I swapped out the dead o2 sensor things improved slightly but given the short trips too and from work that really abused the fuel tank, it still wasn’t anything to write home about.

But now that I’m driving 35kms each way to work and back daily on the great highway known as the M1, would this be a better test of how much juice the Warwagon sips on from fill up to petrol light?

Lets find out – roll on the Stagea fuel economy test!

Stagea fuel economy test

For this test I used 95 ron fuel (look I know 98 would have been a far better choice but I’m not exactly drowning in coin here) and aside from myself in the drivers seat there was rarely anyone or anything else in the wagon with me. So a nice empty wagon that still weighs quite a bit.

Warwagon is still stock as aside from the coil packs and given the state that they’re in, you could hardly call them an upgrade. Standard exhaust, ecu and no flashy tune. It’s the RWD version, not AWD. No shift kit, no eManage, no oversized wheels, no front mount, standard op6 turbo – just as the Nissan factory intended.

99% of the time was off boost too (okay there was this Subaru Liberty at the lights one night that really want to put my car through it’s paces so very reluctantly I showed him what it was capable of) with 2/3 of the journey being nice straight highway kilometres (with the occasional slow crawl through traffic as I got closer to work).

Before we got up here to the Gold Coast the best millage I ever had was roughly 450kms to a single tank. So for our little test this time around, how did we go? See for yourself:

Some pretty pleasing results so far but there’s a new coil pack harness on the way so I’m hoping that the occasional brief dropping of entire cylinders ceases and I can really get the k’s up between refills. Wish me luck!

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