Cars so hot they burnt the seats. And everything else.

If you work with vehicle auctions, please answer me this: why are completely burnt out cars, completely toasted cars, cars kissed by massive fireballs and are now completely unrecognizable up for sale?

And who exactly bids on these things?

No no, not burnout cars, I’m talking about burnt out cars like this Toyota Camry Wagon:

Toyota Camry Station Wagon 2

There’s beaters…then there’s blasteds..

burnt out cars

It’s currently up for salvage auction…yet I can’t work out why. Is there a non-melted bit of stereo wire in there somewhere that someone might be able to save? Is someone really going to turn this Toasted Toyota into a garden ornament? (And admit to it?)

Maybe this flambe Holden Rodeo is more your scene – fits a whole family (of rats in it’s current shape) in relative no comfort and is perfect if you’re not in any hurry to go anywhere, ever. It too is also up for auction.

Yes, auction – meaning if it tickles your burnt out car fancy, you can enter into a bidding war for it along with other buyers with too much money and zero sense.

Burnt out cars

Are people buying these burnt out cars for shits and giggles? “Surprise! I bought you a new Holden Rodeo and it’s parked outside..

burnt out cars

For a moment I figured people might purchase these for scrap value but after you take out the salvage auction fees, the profit margin is pretty piss poor. That’s not including what it might set you back to trailed this heap of burnt steel to the nearest metal merchant. Which leaves…er…prop designers in movies depicting the end of the world?

We saved not much at all buy buying this wreck at auction!

We saved not much at all buy buying this wreck at auction!

The only other things you could possibly use one of these twisted hunks of junk for:

-Burying and driving local metal detector groups absolutely nuts

-Testing out a Sawzall

  • Donating to local emergency service groups to test jaws of life on (although they’d probably prefer vehicles that had things like windows and seatbelts for a true depiction of an emergency.


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