Faster, Pussycat! Drive! Drive! (Burning man car)

My knowledge of the famous Burning Man festival is pretty slim*. My knowledge of Geo Metros, even slimmer. But when they come together, uniting in a glorious Burning Man car Facebook post, well how could I go past it?

Especially when I can’t think of any kind of use for this other than using it at Burning Man or perhaps at the Sydney Mardi Gras. Somehow as hilarious as a Burning Man Car is, I can’t really see the kids enjoying being dropped off to school in this. (Although come to think of it it might be perfect for a cat lover’s wedding or one hell of a hilarious entrance for a school formal. It’s hard to be forgotten when you arrive in something as majestic as this. No I’m not going to make a purfect joke, I’ll stop myself there.

At a guess freeways at top speed would be…uh…bracing. But then I don’t think high speed and the fury of this beast were two forces destined to collide anyway. Not when it’s full, carting around…er…more cat people?

Burning Man Car

But maybe you’ve been to Burning man, maybe you’ve seen this glorious Burning man car in action while dancing away or helping to build Rock City and you’ve thought ‘Yes! Yes indeed, one day this glorious machine will be mine!’ Well that day has come my friend, time to give this 1997 Geo Prizm a new home!

burning man car

Although if you do, I’d suggest a decent rat free garage otherwise this thing really won’t last too long otherwise. Something like this would be an all you can eat extravaganza easily enough.

burning man car

And since we don’t have Burning Man cars or Geo Metro’s down under..

Allow me to furnish our non US based brothers and sisters with an unBurning man car version which looks just as exciting as I thought it might.

So tame it's practically sizzling!

While it looks very much like the Mazda’s of the era (and those 121’s could go for ages when properly maintained), it’s more Suzuki, drawing back to the first Swift version way back when. Tiny litres engines great for economy and perfect for your first car, 1997 was the last year for the Metro brand which then went on to become the Chevrolet Metro. This one however went on to shed a lot of weight and sprout fur and has been sighted across the deserts of Nevada ever since. According to the ad, this Burning Mad car even made the magazines!

Seller’s Description

Pussycat car #2 a Burning Man veteran was featured in motor trend magazine and auto and truck magazine seats 12 comfortably has the pussycat car sounds for the horn large trunk to hold two coolers and all of your purses jackets and costumes also has a fur Bimini top and side enclosure doors for the white outs. If you have 30 people in your camp and each person puts in $200 you’ve got it made . it passes smog and is street legal we go to the Christmas parades the Thanksgiving parades the Fourth of July parades and of course Halloween a very fun art car
So there you go, it does have a few more seasonal uses. And if you’re keen, it’s currently priced at $6000. I don’t think I need to tell you where to look for it on Facebook, something like this is pretty hard to miss..


*Correction, my knowledge of Burning Man and Burning Man cars is super slim. Closest I’ve got to it was a blog post I wrote back in the heady days of 2012 and that was about a software developer who replied to the blog an explained what a big fan he was of the festival. I wonder if Steve himself has taken a ride in this famous cat car?

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