Why Brooklyn Beckham won’t need to carry around a spare screwdriver

Brooklyn Beckham has just scored his first car – however here at Drive Another Day we feel that his new ride will completely miss so many amazing life experiences that a cheaper choice would have netted him…

Yes the offspring of soccer superstar and man of undies commercials world wide David Beckham (and Vic Beckham – we’re doubtful Davo did the grunt work in the delivery room) has just netted his first ever set of wheels. And in true son of a celebrity fashion, it’s a lovely silver Mercedes C class:

Brooklyn passed his driving test yesterday in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸš— #brooklynbeckham

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(We’ll give you a moment here to mutter something under your breath about how lucky rich kids are here. All good now? Let’s continue.)

At roughly 70k to own one yourself and Brooklyn being a mere 17 years old, this means the Beckham’s have spent roughly $4118 for every year he’s been on the planet, on a car. Compared to my first foray into the motoring world (go the humble Ford Laser from 1989), my lovely family shelled out a monumental $236 a year over 19 years – but hey, I loved it nonetheless πŸ˜€

However as much as you curse that your first ride didn’t have c-class badging on it (or did it? Lemme know!) I feel that Brooklyn will be missing out on some of the joys that only owning a pre-owned banger can provide you. Β Things you just can’t do with a C-Class Mercedes nowadays that seemed to be par for the course when mates an I first rolled on with our first set of wheels.

What you miss out on with expensive 1st cars

-Starting a car with a screwdriver because the ignition barrel was shagged.

-Replacing a broken aerial with a coat hanger.

Straya mate!

-Moving absolutely everything you owned in it in as few trips as possible (considering how small the Laser was, that’s a task in itself!)

-Making 20 bucks of fuel somehow last a month or longer

-Having six of the same model out the back of someone’s house because a) They were dirt cheap and b) God only knows what parts you’d have to pull of them.

-Being able to fold the seats down and catch some z’s when you partied a touch too hard. All four of you.

-Fixing paint chips with a colour that vaguely came close to factory

-Painting everything matt black because it was on special at Autobarn

-Fixing sagging door cards with tech screws

-Wiring in your own cd player and speakers in the space of the afternoon over 3 beers at a mates place.

-Banging on the dash to stop the already scratched cd from skipping

-Having a weeks clothes (just in case) behind or under the drivers seat

-Using the pocket behind the seats for either a Gregory’s repair manual or a Melways


They still make these people for people who can't get on well with GPS
They still make these people for people who can’t get on well with GPS

-Filling the glove box with as many tapes as humanly possible. Or road maps if you lived in the country.

-Having a box of spares in the boot, just in case it threw a belt or you needed some more distilled water/coolant for your radiator.

-Carb fuelled motors.

-Making your own convertible (for paddock bomb purposes)

-Crashing it and picking up the same make and model for the same amount as your weekly paycheck.

Of course he’s probably going to enjoy the increased safety. And it’s probably a lot more reliable than what we drove. Oh and it’ll turn heads just by itself. And probably not spontaneously combust or rust beyond belief after a hard week. And it does a better 0-60 than my first ride could ever hope for.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure who’s going to enjoy their 1st car experience more – me or him. Good luck with your new ride Brooklyn! πŸ™‚

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