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The best way to sell a Barina..(or any car)

When it’s time for you and your humble Holden Barina to parts ways, there’s a few options. You can list your Barina locally in classifieds and even include a nice little side on picture to really get your phone ringing. You can put your Barina on the internet with lots of room for details so you can answer as many questions as possible. You could stick your Barina on the side of the road with a For Sale sign and a phone number, hoping for nibbles.
Or like we’ve discovered today, you can make an absolute epic video production about your Barina and expose it to the world..

Personally if this is the new way of advertising second hand cars, then we’re all for it!

More we say, moar!!

You get to feel the rumble of every. single. cylinder. All four!  It drives like it’s on rails (even upside down!) and my god do you look like a secret agent/occasional model/professional gambler/Monaco super car owner/Bold and the Beautiful cast member when you sit behind the wheel of this Barina and unleash it’s 23 kilowatts on the unsuspecting world.

Seriously, how much more interesting would classifieds for old Toyota Corollas or Honda Civics be if more people spent a week in a production suite and unleashed their inner Top Gear producer skills? I’m not in the market for a Holden Barina (actually let me correct that, I will NEVER be in the market for a Holden Barina) but I didn’t miss a second on this enthralling commercial.

And if this guy could do this for a humble Barina, just imagine how good he could make the Topless Colt Project look! (actually that would probably need a bit more work than the above…)

Where was this guy when I was selling my Mazda?


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