Behold the parts bin Frankencar!

Look I’m all for cobbling bits and pieces together and hoping for the best, it’s how I usually get any and all computers in my household working again when things go bang. When it comes to cars though, I prefer to use correct model parts – Mazda bits for Mazda, Nissan for Nissan, Toyota for Lexus etc..

Setting a new record (until proven by something else with more bits), meet the project culled together by 28 different cars…

It’s a 28 in 1!

When driving past those farm lots with a stack of cars in various states of rust (especially out near the in laws in Eaglehawk) I’ve always wondered what they were going to do with all those car parts, bodies and shells. Well now I know and the results are terrifying. You put them all together and create something like this!

This is exactly what I picture an old school bond villain to drive, once they themselves have walked through a grinder and somehow made it through alive to continue to harass dear old 007 later on in the movie.

Knowing full well that reciting everything that’s gone into this melting pot of automotive fabrication would take half the day, the kind owner has written down a list of the what’s in the build.




Now I know there’s plenty of countries where car part recycling is a way of life (Cuba is a perfect example where all the old cars are patched up with whatever happens to be laying around) but it’s very rare that you see something with so many different parts coming together coming up as something you can buy on Facebook for more than $500. Even more surprisingly is that the parts are not the various colors they came from factory as the paint job does look very good.

Historical is truly correct on the plate there as each part has a completely different history! And the best bit? This monster keeps growing!

So what do you call this thing then?

‘NFI’ sprung to mind when I first laid eyes on it on Facebook but it’s listed as a 1939 Chevrolet Chevy and comes with this info:

Bespoke Frankencar Is Made From 28 Different Cars Basically, it features a little bit of everything. If we go by most influential parts, we would have to call it either a Chevy or a Caddy – that ’85 Seville trunk lid is pretty impossible to miss. Apparently, the owner has a title for a 1939 Chevy, although it will require registration as a custom vehicle

It is definitely one of a kind, I think we can all agree on that and for $23000 US you can have 28-1 at your place!*



*Provided you live in Bay City Michigan or are super keen to have this exported..

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