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Behold the bargain Baron!

Here’s a fun game – fire up eBay on your browser, hit the automotive section and marvel at what you can find near the top when you set your search for ‘Cheapest price first’.

Undoubtedly you’ll see plenty of Toyota Corolla Hatchback’s in there but you might just be lucky enough to land on one with personality, like today’s find ‘The Red Baron!’

Usually with cars on the bottom end of the eBay price scale the pictures aren’t many and the details even less but thankfully the seller in this case has typed a mini novel.
“The Red Baron”
1987 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
The Red Barron has been part of the family for quite some time but we are about to move and unfortunately this project cannot come with. The car was driven daily to and from work (70km round trip) as well as many long drives and never missed a beat until the big end bearing went. The motor was still running at the time the car was taken off the road however will need a rebuild – OR – I have purchased another motor for a transplant.
Toyota Corolla
Looks in great nick!

Yep, the Toyota Corolla Red Baron comes complete with a 71kw 4AF motor which means you can remove the ailing 2AC with the dud bearing or pull parts off the 4AF and replace what’s missing (there’s a few bits and pieces that need to be reattached according to the description and the pics)

She’s a bit rough around the edges but has always been reliable. I was hoping to get it on the track for some hill climb events but simply have too many other project and now with the move it must go. It’s a good project car with nearly everything included. Maybe a father son bonding project or get her back on the road or track. Alternatively you may just want it for parts.

Toyota Corolla
Head turning paint job

Considering the age and current condition you’d probably end up in a river of tears trying to get this Toyota Corolla back to road worthy condition (although parts for this beast would be incredibly cheap) but the seller is spot on, it’d make a ripper little track car for Motokharna or even paddock bashing. You can just picture the look on your fathers face though when you took it off the trailer ‘Look dad, our new project…’.

Toyota Carolla
Lightweight and versatile!

And check out what comes with it!

Complete 4AF motor included with carb and wiring.
AE82 Twin Cam strut brace included. Has previously been fitted but was removed.
AE82 Twin Cam rear hatch spoiler. Mounting gear included
Front spoiler lip
Front bumper radiator grill has been enlarged and mesh insert added.
Adapter plate for Weber 32/36 D** carb
Second dash included
Full set (4) upgraded AE82 Monroe shock absorbers
Working bonnet pins
Extra head lights and other spares included
Larger pedals installed – easier to heel/toe
And how much would this chipper Toyota Corolla set you back? Well amazingly with 3 days and 5 hours left on the listing, the bargain price speaks for itself…
Toyota Corolla
You know that expression ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’?


We can only hope someone buys this 1987 Toyota Corolla and gets it up and running so the Red Baron can fly once more..

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