The chrome socket set that won’t break the bank

In my slow but steady process of updating my tool collection (and throwing out my rusted, worn down and in some cases completely useless toolbox additions) I’ve come across a great little limited edition bargain socket set kit that’s very handy if you’re living here in Australia..

My current collection of cheap sockets includes various sizes…in various conditions. Some have never been used, some have been used too much (to the point where the cheap metal has ground down on the inside making them useless), some spent the night in the rain and came back with rust to tell the tale while others are covered in paint, gasket sealer and god knows what else lurking at the bottom of my dusty tool box. Sourced from cheap kits (without checking if they were metric or imperial first) they have done the job in the past…but now it’s time for an upgrade.

So when I got a tool voucher for my birthday recently I decided it was high time to start updating my set (and also because I could never find an 8mm socket when I desperately needed it) and while looking online, I came across a bargain set that would not only be a great addition to most mini garages, but would make a ripper gift to boot.

Unsurprisingly the cardboard cover lasted all of about five minutes in my house before my over enthusiastic daughter ripped it in half. But the black case seems like it’ll take a bit of a beating. It’s also the perfect size if you need a mini kit in either your centre console or glove box.

For most of the bolts and nuts in my wagon for basic maintenance other than pulling a spark plug out this will be more than enough (especially now that I have a working 8mm within reach.) The set could have done with an mini extension for places like the valley where my coil packs sit although that’s a minor gripe (and I have a couple of 1/4 inch extensions already). I’m digging the shadow chrome too.

We’ll have to see how long this print lasts on each socket but it’s a vast improvement on my old set when trying to find the right size for the job quickly.

The socket wrench is on the smaller side but it’s got a decent amount of weight to it. Without any material or scoring on it oily hands could be a problem but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.

So ultimately it’s great for mini jobs however if you’re planning to do something major in your engine bay, you’d do better with a full drawer of workshop tools and 3/8 and 1/4 inch sockets and ratchets.

How much then?

I picked it up for just $22, down from $41.99. It’s currently on sale until the 14th of April 2017 if they don’t sell out before that. As one of the reviewers on the site mentioned, it does make a great gift too. For me it means I can throw out a tonne of old 1/4 sockets that definitely should have hit the bin a long time ago. Now I just have to find a 3/8 and 1/2 inch set to update the rest of my collection.

So where to find it?

Supercheap Auto but make sure your local shop has stock before you venture in (or get them to order it in). Most of the stores around my region had sold out but there were 3 sets left at Supercheap Auto in Ashmore.

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