Bargain Bangers week 9: Limited lifespan Laser

My very first car was a 1989 Ford Laser Gl sedan and I drove it into the ground (not literally). It was super cheap to run, got from A to B (very slowly), looked as cool as a cucumber sandwhich and helped me move house more times than I’d care to remember. So for today’s Bargain Banger write up, in memory of my own ‘beige beast’ I truly hope that someone saves this little Ford Laser from the scrapheap..
…yes, this mighty fine wagon is destined to be crushed after the weekend, but you can help save it with a last minute offer (something just above scrap value would probably be acceptable.) Considering how much junk I moved in the sedan version of a Ford Laser of this vintage, I could just image the grand piano sized items you could shoehorn into the back of this:

Ford Laser Wagon

Obviously space is a premium at this residence and unless someone ponies up a decent offer over the weekend (this is really starting to read like a ‘won’t someone think of the children?’ type of post isn’t it) then this Ford Laser Wagon won’t see any more roads come Tuesday. Which would be a shame really as well looked after Ford Lasers doing make great cars to learn to drive in and this wagon would be a perfect fit for a uni student who can only afford noodles for dinner three times a week.

Need gone ASAP deposit or collect over the weekend of the 8th and 9th otherwise will be going to scrap on monday the 10th….all reasonable offers considered…..NO PLATES NO REG AND NO RWC sold as is.

Yes it’s seen some seasons, but it doesn’t look¬†that bad.¬†


Imagine what you could attempt to smuggle over the border in this thing!

Now it is an auto and on a small unit such as the Laser, it means it’ll be slower than a tax refund but you won’t care when you creatively fit your entire household in the back. Yes it’s white and it’s boring, but you can just about sleep in the thing. Yes it’s not worth anything, but hey, portable house. Buy this thing before the weekend and give this beast with a big end from 1987 another chance…

Find out more about it here! (If it still exists at the time of reading)


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