Doc! It needs to go back!

Keen on building a replica Back To The Future mobile, hit 88mph and save the time space continuity? Well that’s easy! All you need is a spare DMC Delorean Nissan from 1990 and a few empty Sunday afternoons and look what you can make!

(Before we start, a huge shout out and credit to the Iron Chef Imports Facebook page for unearthing this wonder of imagination and prime example of working with what you have on hand. Thanks again guys for the very entertaining posts that break up the monotony of people complaining about the world each and every day.)

Righto, back to the future we go…well Mexico actually, where this is currently for sale:

back to the future car

OMFG is that the Back to the Future car? Um…sure, yeah. Course it is.

It’s uncanny isn’t it? How much a 1990 Nissan Hikari looks like a DMC Delorean (after 39 pints of IPA, no sleep and a couple of rather large sledgehammer blows to the skull). Someone has lovingly hand crafted this beauty ready for action and suddenly made a forth Back To The Future Film (if there ever is one) now very affordable in the post covid ‘we’ve got no money’ future!

back to the future car

Somewhere in Mexico a fish and chip shop struggles to operate without their air vents over the deep fat fryers. I’m loving the creative use of yellow gaffa tape too. Or maybe it’s quality house paint? I mean no expense spared in this build!

(Although it looks awesome all lit up!)

back to the future car

That’s top quality gull wing doors hardware store hinges right there. Okay so they don’t open up exactly like a set of gullwings do…but with creative use of black paint¬†they look like they do…sort of (if you squint)¬†and that’s far more important. You really don’t care about door mechanics when you’re trying to stop that idiot Biff Tannen are you?

But hold the applause for when you step inside..

Although I’ve just noticed in this Back to the Future Car that there aren’t any buttons on that time input device so you can only go to the year 8888888 and that’s about it. Hopefully they will have solved this Covid 19 problem by then. Still, the old school alarm clock is a nice touch!

How much for this Back to the Future Car then?

Look this time traveling tribute version is probably priceless but if you wanted to build your own then it’s the price of a Hikari (aka a B12 Sunny) and whatever deal you can wrangle at your local scrap yard. Good luck McFly!



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