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Gallardo on a Pontiac budget

Uh…did I miss a memo again? Did those annoying notifications that tell me everything I don’t want to hear about (like Kim K, anything to do with Kim K) forget to inform me that it’s ‘Sell your replica week?’ Or maybe Facebook cottoned on to our replica Ferrari a couple of days ago and decided that since I didn’t buy that, I must be looking for a cheaper Lamborghini instead. Which I’m not really, but hey if you are – maybe you could buy this Lamborghini Gallardo!*

*An approximation of one at least.

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test light

Why you need a test light in your tool kit

Funnily enough I had a test kit in my tool kit way back when but I threw it out because I had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully a very wise father in law (thanks again Baz!) showed me not only how to use one but how easy it was and how much time it saved.

Better late than never I suppose..

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Subaru stereo install

Installing a new car stereo into your Subaru Impreza

The first time I bought a car stereo/CD player to replace a factory tape deck, I paid the shop to do it. The second time I paid a good mate with a box of beer…and drank most of them while he worked. This time it was some basic tools, a lazy afternoon and aside from the occasional dropped screw, barely any hassle. Got some new car entertainment for your Impreza? Let’s get it in there!

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Let’s get historic – Part 2 The Pits

It’s not very often you can venture around the pits at a racing event but at Winton it was almost encouraged. Watch the preparations, chat to the drivers, drool over the machinery or like Baz and I did, try to answer each other’s random questions. Anything about the old Holden engines was his bag, any electrical doohickey was my jam. Anything else, well that was just a guess. Anyway, enjoy what was getting fine tuned and worked on at Historic Winton!

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Let’s get historic – Part 1 The Displays

It’s been a while between race tracks. Initially I thought my last stop was Phillip Island (9 years back) but then I realised I was also working at the Gold Coast 600 a couple of years back so that’s the closest one. Still, either way it’s been a while between track visits and so the family jumped at the chance to take in the sights, sounds and metal of Winton Historic on the Sunday just gone.

I walked a lot of the grounds and took many a picture which is while this latest post will be in separate parts, putting things into various categories rather than one massive pic dump. So on that, let’s start with some of the display cars including quite a few you just don’t see around on the roads so much anymore and my occasional ramblings along the way..

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The heat is on – replacing your Subaru Thermostat

Another heat related issue popped up recently on Bax the 05 Subaru Impreza and since we burped him last time, I figured maybe we needed to go a little deeper to sort out this issue this time. This was also a great lesson in how easy it is install a Subaru Thermostat the 2nd time after blindly following the way they installed things before I got there.. the more you learn.

Edit: Sigh and now I’m reinstalling things for the third time..

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The need for wheels

It’s amazing how a change of conditions makes you suddenly realise how much you want something isn’t it? Case in point me now starting work in the wee hours of the morning instead of regular office hours and a couple of weeks in, I’m really missing having a vehicle to ferry me around…

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Subaru Fiori

Pocket rocket Subaru

Looking to downsize your current ride? Well look no further! This Subaru Fiori I found for sale/trade locally will tick every tiny car ownership and with a bit of luck and a liberal amount of silicone spray (thanks Wizard) would probably fit right in the back of my Stagea too!

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car wizard

In praise of the car wizard

In between working and answering a lot of questions about the Stagea I’m selling (questions which could be answered by actually reading the ad in full), I’ve been watching a lot of automotive YouTube as of late. Starting with the self proclaimed dumbest car channel on all of YouTube which in turn had me watching a man with almost all the automotive answers I could ever ask, the Wizard…

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Mr2 Kawasaki Ninja

The Toyota Mr2 that didn’t come in from the cold

New year, same covid times. But on a brighter note all that extra time at home when you should be quarantining does lend itself to spending more time on car projects. I don’t have one currently, as I’m still trying to work out why my airbrush is blowing more bubbles than actually paint out of the end (probably should have cleaned it properly a while back but that’s my issue) but there’s plenty going on project wise across the rest of the world to report on –  like this Toyota MR2…now powered by a pair of Kawasaki Ninja’s.

And even better, it’s for sale!

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