1964 Citroen Ds – What in the actual?

Citroen ds

Don’t ask me, I just write here. And I don’t think other Citroen Ds owners would have the foggiest idea either what’s happening. But anywhoos, meet ‘Athena.’ Falling to bits on the inside and…uh…well there’s certainly quite the show on the outside isn’t there!

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93 Buick Roadmaster – rough holiday road

Okay, it’s not the same model as the classic road wagon of National Lampoons Vacation, but if you squint (a lot) and do that from a far distance while inhebriated, you might think it’s close. Of course there’s a lot of work involved in getting this Buick Roadmaster good to go for the next ride to Wally’s World..

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Changing your Impreza spark plugs

Yep, the Slowbaru is still hanging in there, only recently I’ve noticed that it’s felt a little sluggish at times. Add that to the occasional (it hangs around for less than a sip of coffee) flash of the check engine light and a sudden increased thirst for the petrol stuff and it looks like it’s time to swap out the spark plugs.
Luckily it’s a fairly non eventful job, once you remove everything else in the way first..

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The cruising convoy of the BSCCC (Bendigo Sports and Classic Car Club)

For me ‘Do you want to go on a car cruise?’ is a statement right up there with ‘Steak okay for dinner?’ and ‘I’ve filled the fridge with your favourite beer, enjoy!’ It’s not something I hear often but I rarely say no when it does. And so before I knew it I was in the in laws HR Holden, ready to be part of a great cruise with the BSCCC (Bendigo Sports and Classic Car Club.)

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A green volcano from the radiator..

I’ve been pretty lucky with my cars right up until this one. But now that the new radiator and hoses have gone into the Subaru Impreza, instead of fixing the problems I’ve been having it’s instead revealed that the issues are coming a little further deeper in the EJ25 engine than first thought.

Or in clearer terms – The infamous EJ25 head gasket issue strikes again! Damnit.. I was enjoying this car until now..

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When coolant goes out but air comes in..

2005 Subaru radiator

After another occasion where the heat gauge jumped around like it was at a House of Pain party, I finally booked the Slowbaru for a full cooling system check. The good news is: It’s not the head gaskets. And even more amusingly, somehow the radiator lasted well beyond its typical life cycle..

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Gallardo on a Pontiac budget


Uh…did I miss a memo again? Did those annoying notifications that tell me everything I don’t want to hear about (like Kim K, anything to do with Kim K) forget to inform me that it’s ‘Sell your replica week?’ Or maybe Facebook cottoned on to our replica Ferrari a couple of days ago and decided that since I didn’t buy that, I must be looking for a cheaper Lamborghini instead. Which I’m not really, but hey if you are – maybe you could buy this Lamborghini Gallardo!*

*An approximation of one at least.

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Why you need a test light in your tool kit

test light

Funnily enough I had a test kit in my tool kit way back when but I threw it out because I had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully a very wise father in law (thanks again Baz!) showed me not only how to use one but how easy it was and how much time it saved.

Better late than never I suppose..

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Installing a new car stereo into your Subaru Impreza

Subaru stereo install

The first time I bought a car stereo/CD player to replace a factory tape deck, I paid the shop to do it. The second time I paid a good mate with a box of beer…and drank most of them while he worked. This time it was some basic tools, a lazy afternoon and aside from the occasional dropped screw, barely any hassle. Got some new car entertainment for your Impreza? Let’s get it in there!

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