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The heat is on – replacing your Subaru Thermostat

Another heat related issue popped up recently on Bax the 05 Subaru Impreza and since we burped him last time, I figured maybe we needed to go a little deeper to sort out this issue this time. This was also a great lesson in how easy it is install a Subaru Thermostat the 2nd time after blindly following the way they installed things before I got there.. the more you learn.

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The need for wheels

It’s amazing how a change of conditions makes you suddenly realise how much you want something isn’t it? Case in point me now starting work in the wee hours of the morning instead of regular office hours and a couple of weeks in, I’m really missing having a vehicle to ferry me around…

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Subaru Fiori

Pocket rocket Subaru

Looking to downsize your current ride? Well look no further! This Subaru Fiori I found for sale/trade locally will tick every tiny car ownership and with a bit of luck and a liberal amount of silicone spray (thanks Wizard) would probably fit right in the back of my Stagea too!

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car wizard

In praise of the car wizard

In between working and answering a lot of questions about the Stagea I’m selling (questions which could be answered by actually reading the ad in full), I’ve been watching a lot of automotive YouTube as of late. Starting with the self proclaimed dumbest car channel on all of YouTube which in turn had me watching a man with almost all the automotive answers I could ever ask, the Wizard…

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Mr2 Kawasaki Ninja

The Toyota Mr2 that didn’t come in from the cold

New year, same covid times. But on a brighter note all that extra time at home when you should be quarantining does lend itself to spending more time on car projects. I don’t have one currently, as I’m still trying to work out why my airbrush is blowing more bubbles than actually paint out of the end (probably should have cleaned it properly a while back but that’s my issue) but there’s plenty going on project wise across the rest of the world to report on –  like this Toyota MR2…now powered by a pair of Kawasaki Ninja’s.

And even better, it’s for sale!

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Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR

Late to the tribute party

Update: Stagea still for sale but at least the offers of next to nothing for it have dropped to a trickle (want to buy it? Check out more info in a few posts below this one!) In the meantime, allow me to present to you this: A Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR…tribute!

Not only did it make me scratch my head so much I broke a finger, it’s also been splashed across plenty of car blogs like this one way before I tripped over it…so you may have come across this already. Still, better late than never!

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Behold the parts bin Frankencar!

Look I’m all for cobbling bits and pieces together and hoping for the best, it’s how I usually get any and all computers in my household working again when things go bang. When it comes to cars though, I prefer to use correct model parts – Mazda bits for Mazda, Nissan for Nissan, Toyota for Lexus etc..

Setting a new record (until proven by something else with more bits), meet the project culled together by 28 different cars…

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stagea turbo

Stagea Turbo transplant time!

Well it’s time – after months of sitting under a tree out the front of my place and getting covered in tree sap at an alarming rate, it’s time to swap out the turbos on the Nissan Stagea and hopefully get things back to where they were before the boost disappeared and was replaced by worrying smoke..

Welcome to Stagea Turbo transplant weekend!

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Let there be light. AND radio.

So we’re a week away from the wagon turbo transplant, the father in law helping out to swap the smoking unit for one hopefully not so keen to burn excess oil. At the moment though I’m down at the farm giving him a hand with various things, from finding a manual for a MF165 Tractor to working out why one of his favorite radio stations takes a step backwards when his light bar turns super bright..

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Brown 1970 Volvo

Check out the Färg on this one

Some busy times with the latest move to Albury – entertaining family for Easter, still hunting down a replacement turbo for the Stagea and recently trying to find a mower for cheap. Amazingly I ended up with three for the budget I was planning to spend (and got them all working!) but when picking them up, I didn’t spare a minute to properly look at what was parked out back. A few days later thanks to Facebook I see that like the mowers, it’s also for sale.

There’s probably more than just a new spark plug and fresh petrol to get this up to scratch like my new mowers though..

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