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$1600 worth of maximum Kachow!

‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man car painted up like Lightning McQueen

First we tripped over Lightning McBenz (Or was it Beamer McQueen? We still don’t know) the Lemon’s built super ride ready to race:

Lemons BMW

Now feast your eyes on another tribute to a favorite Cars character that isn’t Mater, Lightning AU!

AU Falcon
Turn left to go right?

The ad really says it all on this drifting and head turning red racing machine.

Do you wanna be faster than fast? Quicker than quick? Then I’ve got the car for you.

2000 model AU Falcon Lightning McQueen edition with 240,000ks, half an exhaust system, crack on the windscreen, and rego til July.

You think a GTR or Supra turns heads? You thought wrong m8

4L Intech

Full set of Falcon Ghia wheels plus 3 spare tyres 4 speed auto Air con Bluetooth JVC head unit

Winner of 4 piston cups

(Imagine what this AU Falcon could do with a FULL EXHAUST! Try to catch it then!)

It can even tow other cars ala Lightning’s good mate Mater! (Which is handy when you thrash your mates at the track with this beast, you can help them get home afterwards!)

AU Falcon
You are such a helpful AU Falcon Lightning!

$1600 gets you Lightning AU and some extra boots for maximum KaChow:

AU Falcon wheels

So now so far the Lightning List includes a BMW and a Ford Falcon…but is there a rotary powered or supercharged Lightning Homage? The search begins! (I’d suggest a rough FC3S would be a good candidate for a Lightning upgrade but knowing my luck I’m sure someone has managed to ruin an FD3S this way..)

(If you’re keen on this one, make sure you check out the Drift Sales Facebook page here in Australia. It really isn’t too hard to find, being the only Lightning McQueen flavored car currently for sale..)

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