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Aerial Atom

Look what just came up for sale..

Here at Driveanotherday.com the focus is used cars. Imagine the thrill we got when we found out that someone is now selling a second hand Ariel Atom…

Yes, an Ariel Atom (people occasionally spell it Aerial Atom or Arial Atom but it’s actually Ariel)- the bare bones lunatic vehicle that looks like a go kart, handles like a go kart and launches like a scalded twin turbo cheetah (on fire.) The same company that let Jeremy Clarkson put one of their models to the test and gave him some impromptu racetrack face reconstruction in the process:

Aerial Nomad

No you can’t put it on the roads (legally) but as the ad states, you’re probably not going to find anything as near as mental:

Aerial 1
Goes more mental than it looks..

2014 Ariel Atom Supercharged 325HP Honda 2L with Sadev sequential 6 speed paddle shift, oil cooler, extra radiator, Alcon big brake kit front/rear, GPS Datalogger, 2 sets 16″ Magnesium wheels, Avon Slicks, Carbon front & rear aerofoils, Amazing trackday car, huge list of options, under replacement cost with little use, All Gun Metal, Black & Carbon Fiber, This awesome machine is available for inspection & test drive in Adelaide for genuine buyers. Contact for full specification & details. Due to numerous questions regarding road use please read on before sending inquiry. PLEASE NOTE – This car was imported under rally/track use only. This Ariel Atom is NOT able to be road registered. There is a company in NSW completing road compliance for these Atoms later this year but this will attract LCT & compliance costs & will significantly add to the cost of each car. Once a car has import approval for rally/track use only it is not able to be road registered later. This car is the ultimate thrill on the track or hillclimb circuit. Not much compares to 550kg with 325hp. The handling & braking is out of this world. Passenger seat allows a friend to come along for the experience. 

Yes for around $180,000 AUD you too can pot around in something like this, screaming about how much fun you’re having in a car with zero panels.

(God I love that sound – in cabin sound deadening? Hilarious!)

Sadly even though it weighs a third of my Nissan Stagea (and goes about 10x as quick) it just doesn’t have enough room in…er…anywhere to cart anything so for now I’ll have to stick to the wagon. And then there’s the fact that I don’t have a spare 180K to buy an Ariel Atom. Oh and I couldn’t drive it to work daily sadly, but I still want an Ariel Atom..(or at least a long spin in one.)

But hey, there’s nothing stopping you from buying it if you’re quick…


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