Aliens VS Predator VS Ford Falcon

You can tell it’s race weekend here on the Gold Coast (that’d be the Vodaphone Gold Coast 600 for those playing at home) because my favourite auction yard have brought out all the toys in the toy box. And in the middle of those mountains of classic metal sits one owners homage to a bitter rivalry that not even an entire universe can contain..

Did I mention the toys?


Immaculate condition Volvo 740 Turbo anyone? You’re just one cheap 80’s suit and a pair of leather gloves away from driving around like a cheap movie bad guy. How could you pass up on that much fun?

Maybe this Lotus is a little more thrill raising for you? I do enjoy that green…

Wait, is that? (If your question was ‘a replica?’ then give yourself a pat on the back). A little Googling tells me it’s a Twin Turbo Holden Ecotech V6 (My wife had one of those – sans turbos of course – in her VT Commodore) coupled with an auto and the dash and steering wheel of an FD Rx7! Wow, what an random combo! (Really should have taken more pics of this beast – it’s pretty impressive in the metal.


And then if you don’t like your cars to have the ability to be legally driven on the road…

Came for the cars, stayed for this amazing Ford Falcon.

Talk about standing out in the crowd – cop a squiz at this XF Ford Falcon!

Ford Falcon

Yep, someone who loved the movies (or the books or the comics) decided to turn their XF Ford Falcon into a driving, booming movie mural for all Xenomorph fans to enjoy:

Ford Flalcon XF


Ford Falcon XF

It’s incredible to see the amount of work involved on every panel. And before I even had a chance to think ‘maybe I should make a video of this monster!’ someone beach me to the punch the first time it went on auction…

Want to add it to your collection? Better get onto the auction website quick smart (right here: Good luck!

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  1. I painted that in Perth in my carport cant believe its now the otherside of Aus. Used to have 4 barrel 4.1 in it. It wasnt very well liked over here glad its being appreciated now.


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