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So who left this behind?

So the last time we took a look at what was on offer in the latest abandoned vehicles auction locally we came across a swamp donkey of a Nissan 180SX and a lot of burnt vehicles. (And the purpose of buying one of those still escapes me). This time around however we’ve come across something far rarer which begs the obvious question – who leaves one of these behind?

Because it’s rare that someone would go ‘Okay so it’s broken down again so I’m just going to leave it here and forget all about it’ for a Ford Mustang. But here it is, lost and unloved and judging by the pics – still in fantastic nick!

Abandoned Mustang

If it was stolen, surely there’d be a record about it somewhere. But no, this classic muscle turns up in among a bevy of forgotten Pulsars, Magnas, Falcons and Commodores. (And more burnt vehicles if that’s your thing.) Also it seemingly still has all of it’s parts and doesn’t look like it’s headbutted a wall like most of the other offerings.

Abandoned Mustang

Abandoned Mustang? That’s the last thing we expected to find in this pile.

What happened here? This certainly isn’t something you’d walk away from if you left it stranded. And surely someone from the Mustang community must recognize it and wonder how it came to end up in this motley lot.

Abandoned Mustang

I was expecting to find a rats nest inside this thing, but no it looks as good inside as it does outside!

Abandoned Mustang

Info is fantastically vague on this abandoned Mustang:

Year: N/A
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
But at least we can confirm that it’s not a Nissan Juke under a Mustang shell! (Perish the thought!)
Sadly I missed what this abandoned Stang went for in the end but I did catch sight of it on day one and it was already attracting a few thousands in bids where everything else (save for the busted up BMW and Merc) were struggling to come out of the bidding blocks. Undoubtedly someone picked up a bargain and even if it was stored away for a few years, it wouldn’t make a bad investment piece given it’s current looking condition (even if the engine has the potential of being a brick.)
If anything it does give me hope – Maybe one day someone will forget that they own a Mazda FD3S or a pristine Lexus LFA and I could grab it could for a couple of grand…

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