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A Porsche 550…that braps?

Okay confession time: I was actually searching Gumtree for bad replicas. Replicas that looked so god awful and completely off the mark that even if you squinted, they wouldn’t come close to looking like what they were supposed to.

The last thing I expected to find was a hilariously fun and classy looking hill climber with a pair of spinning triangles helping it brap madly around corners, especially with this marque attached..

Meet the Mazda powered 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder (replica)

Yes I kid you not, this baby is rotary powered. A 13BT spins furiously inside and sadly while there are no pictures of said donk in this bit of nice looking metal, the fact that it weighs only 550kgs means that you’ll get from A to B before you even have a chance to even think about C, let alone any other letter that you want to get it.

Porsche 550

Thankfully unlike most Gumtree ads where guesswork is key, this one actually has some info.

1984 build Porsche 718 RSK replica with 550 front lights and double cowl.

Running a fuel injected 13b inter cooled turbo rotary which delivers incredible performance in a car that weighs 550 kilos.

Not for the faint hearted and not for the very tall. If you are over 6’3″ you will struggle to get in.

New 255 rear rubber keeps the power planted. 4 wheels disk brakes keep you on track.

Has full QLD rego so you could commute or use as a weekend cruiser, historic rallys or hill climb events. May suit enthusiast or collector.

Stunning looking car with performance to match. In very good condition, registered through to December 2018.

Open to serious offers must be sold quickly. Can assist with interstate transport.

And for the low price of $49000, it too can brap in your collection.

More Porsche 550 Spyder than a Porsche 550 Spyder?

My Porsche experience completely limited (I’ve been a 911 once. I think..) I wouldn’t know an actual Porsche 550 Spyder if I stepped on one. Thankfully Google does. So this is the actual car:

And this is what madness in rotary powered Porsche looks like:

Porsche 550

Considering an original one sold for a stonking great 3.685 million dollars at auction (and this was 6 years ago too) this replica could be the way to go. It’s got a rotary too, so what could possibly go wrong here?*



*As a former Mazda rotary owner, allow me to be the first to direct you to something you might need a few of..

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