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96 Micra Machine

Look don’t panic, I haven’t lost a bet here. Nor have the workers of the seventh layer of hell swapped their usual pitchforks for snow ploughs. Truth be told I never thought I’d be whipping up a quick article on a 96 Nissan Micra/March off all things either but but’s not very often that you come across one that’s both random and under the right conditions, possibly terrifying..

Okay so from the outset, there doesn’t seem to be much going on with this Nissan Micra. Inside paints more of that particular picture, one that suggests a very strong steam clean is much in order.

But then you get to appreciate the pain of the poor bastard tasked with trying to get that half cage into the ridiculously tiny work area and you realize there’s a bit more than meets the eye of this particular mini motor.

Seller’s Description

Up for sale is my 1996 Nissan micra. Is an itb 1.3l with haltech controlling it. Makes 94hp, and full custom exhaust. has a custom clutch and flywheel setup from direct clutch, designed to handle 300hp, freshly rebuilt gearbox.

-Safety 21 half cage(modplated)

-Custom welded rear fenders.

-Rota grids.

-short shifter

-Super s disc rear end upgraded brakes all round.

-East bear rear bar.

-Bad boy bonnet.

-custom nismo style grille

-False floor in the rear(mod plated for 2 seats)

-Whiteline adjustable pan hard rod and sway bars front and rear.

-Mazda 121 retro centre console (cup holders)

-upgraded fuel pump.

-nardi pedals Price is firm

Nissan Micra

Looking at that list above is like looking at someone who bought a Nissan Micra/March in either Forza or Gran Turismo and then started to deck it out with plenty of upgrades just because they could (or didn’t have any other cars in their virtual garage to work on at the time.)

Nissan Micra
March badge but it is registered as a Micra

Looks like a fantastically fun way to get one, maybe even one and a half bags full of shopping jammed in the back flying sideways on your weekly grocery run home. I wonder how many people have glossed over this thing at the lights, right before it put on a show?

Keen on this little buzz box? Currently priced at $5500 and easy enough to find through Chris’ even betterer JDM page

(Let me know if you end up buying, I really want to know if it’s as fun to drive as it looks to be!)

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