93 Buick Roadmaster – rough holiday road

Okay, it’s not the same model as the classic road wagon of National Lampoons Vacation, but if you squint (a lot) and do that from a far distance while inhebriated, you might think it’s close. Of course there’s a lot of work involved in getting this Buick Roadmaster good to go for the next ride to Wally’s World..

A quick note on the original film car

So in Vacation, Clark and fam were driving around in the hilariously named Wagon Queen Family Truckster which even more amusingly, was an actual car that you could buy (and still if you can find one) with actual money.

Sightings are rare, but there’s a handful still out and about.

Interestingly though, the film car was not a legit Wagon Queen, it was actually a 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire, which looks a little less mental before you start going nuts on it. Why buy a new one when you can buy something else and just bolt on a few more lights and panels? I guess when you need to save money for other parts of the movie..

Flash forward 10 years on from that roadtrip..

And that’s the time of this 1993 Buick Roadmaster. The edges have been smoothed out but the wood panels that look like my grandma’s table has been dismantled and repurposed. In this particular example the wood doubles as structural reinforcement because something needs to hold what’s left of this thing together..

93 Buick Roadmaster
93 Buick Roadmaster
93 Buick Roadmaster
Natural cooling for whatever you’re hauling!

Seller’s Description

Selling as is condition. Running and driving Project car with some metal work done to front doors, inner fenders, and some work started on driver side quarter. Rear doors are rust free donors. Clean title. Motor runs strong and transmissions shifts perfect! Will not part out, selling as whole vehicle.

93 Buick Roadmaster
Hopefully you’re good pals with someone who can weld..
93 Buick Roadmaster
Good god almighty!

On a more positive note: work (and potential rust poisoning) aside, have a look at the oodles of space this rough slice of 90’s automotive action comes with. It’s not a case of what fits in this Buick Roadmaster, it’s more what doesn’t. Doomsdayer supplies, coffins, another smaller car – the possibilities are indeed endless with this catwalk sized cargo den in the back.

93 Buick Roadmaster
93 Buick Roadmaster

And dare I say the kids will love to be seen in the back of this weapon on the way to school, once you clean up the dust storm that’s been getting a free ride as of late.

93 Buick Roadmaster seats
Are these front seats as comfy as I perceive them to be? If you have experience with them, let me know!

As mentioned above, it is a runner. Which means that early 90’s V8 is ready to drag the rest of it to the nearest scrapyard for more parts and then to the rust removers.

And when it’s complete?

Look, there’s a lot of work involved here it’s true. But all those months years of blood, sweat and beers later and you might have something that looks like this:

Like a fridge and a hearse had a baby and someone built a garden bed around it.

And even better, you’ll get to write a hilarious review like this one!

Look out the windshield, and the view across the hood is one of limousine feel, deep color, stead V-8 quiet and cush. Sadly, it gets worse as you move back: the middle seats are almost a cruel trick in their shallow depth, so you’re never quite sitting (unless you are shorter than 4 feet). Then the back, which should be all fun, has a nice seat, but crappy, flappy plastic covers over the spare, with locking screws that give up, stick out, and snag on the folding of the rear seat up and down. But, it handles, for a wagon, amazingly. It’s fast, strong, smooth and durable. Last of the classic old indestructible V-8 monstermobiles.

Tanker True, Edmunds review

Special shoutout to the Buick Roadster that’s working it’s way across Sweden:

Got this wagon from a friend at our head office. It´s sited in Skellefteå, up north in Sweden. Me and my girlfriend drove it from Skellefteå to Piteå about 100 km north of Skellefteå. It was a nice ride on a Swedish, late summer day. Four days later we started off to Stockholm, a trip for about 1000 km. The only problem was a small leak from the heater an some shake from the front brakes. The fuel consumption was 11.6 liters per 100 kilometers, very reasonable for this fullsize wagon. At home in city traffic it wants more like 12,5 to 16.0 liters per 100 km. Some tuning and a light gas foot will help to lower that.

Pierre’s largest wagon ever, Edmunds review

I am intrigued enough about this Buick Roadmaster and want to find out more…

It’s on Facebook, in Broadview, IL and priced at 3K USD. Have fun with your new project!

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