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5 cars you won’t see in Mad Max Fury Road

Post apocalyptic wastelands. The rumble of dinosaur engines. Armour plating and spiked metal. Leather and chains. Snarling bad guys and no hope for the future. Now while it sounds like a family reunion at an ex girlfriend’s house, I’m actually referring to Mad Max: Fury Road. And boy is it an awesome movie!

Check out the trailer here:

Even the supercharged XB Interceptor returns (briefly). As a far of the original Mad Max movies (and being slightly obsessed with cars), we’re really looking forward to seeing this we loved every second of this!

At a guess the production department for Mad Max: Fury Road would have had their hands well and truly full taking cars they figured would still be around after the bomb dropped and then attacking them with a welder and a battleship load of scrap metal spikes to get them to ‘mutant battle cruiser of choice’ level. However in their extensive planning research, we were right in betting our last few precious drops of gasoline that the following cars didn’t make the cut…


Mad Max

Fuel crisis? Vast armies fighting over the last shreds of gasoline to power their unsophisticated monster blocks? Not a problem with the Tesla Roadster, not when you can just plug it into the nearest electrical outlet to juice it up. You know, the electrical juice that stopped years ago when lots of people who worked the power plants died from radiation fallout. That electricity.

Now unless you have a dealership full of spare Tesla batteries lying around, one race away from the slobbering hordes is all you’re probably going to muster in this thing before they turn you into a car seat cover. And they said electrical cars were the way of the future..


Mad Max

So small it fits one desert raider in semi comfort and you might just be able to bolt a couple of spikes on it before you run out of room. While it won’t drink much of the precious fuel you’re chasing, you won’t actually be able to chase anything down in a hurry.


Bugatti Veyron

Four turbos and one of the fastest road cars you could get your hands on? What could possibly go wrong? Well in Mad Max world you’re really shooting yourself in the foot with a sawn off looking for one of these for a couple of reasons: 1) Where exactly are you going to find one in the Australian outback? There are some successful farmers out there but none I’ve seen use a Veyron to cart hay around.. 2) It’s off road/sand traversing abilities are horrific at best and 3) If you put your foot to the floor you’ll have roughly 13 minutes to put as much distance between you and angry gangs as possible before it grinds to a hold, bone dry. In the Mad Max universe were fuel is the ultimate commodity, picking the fastest drinker of the stuff is a lesson in futility.


Mazda rx7

Thirst for the fuel stuff and reliability issues aside, the rotary is a poor choice as finding people who understand how it works (and how to fix them) aren’t common in this world, in the era of post apocalyptic Mad Max survivalists it’ll probably be less than zero.

And finally:


Ford Pinto

No need to end this cars existence with a truck launched giant ball of flame, it can do that just fine by itself.

Haven’t seen the movie yet and call yourself a car fanatic? Stop disapointing yourself, check it out today! Mad Max: Fury Road

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