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Be still my Z car loving heart

Meet a Datsun 280Z Scarab Tribute.

No I had no idea what a 280Z Scarab Tribute was either but a quick Googling allows me to share my new found knowledge with you. God bless the internet’s digital socks..

Firstly a big thanks to the ripping read by Greg at Datsunforum.com who made everything stupidly clear in one article.

Back in early 1976, Brian Morrow’s company, Scarab Engineering, was building a Z car with a lot of the mods that enthusiasts still pursue 40 years later… Leather interior, Recaro seats, flared fenders, magnesium wheels, rear spoiler, front air dam, a louvered hood – all the good stuff.

Throw in 350 horsepower and perfect 50/50 weight distribution with no additional weight under the hood, and you’ve got a track car with a license plate… a car that would stroll past a Corvette in a straight line and hold its own in the corners, and a Ferrari-eater without the Italian price tag.

The difference was, these were FACTORY cars, and if you dropped off your brand-new Datsun Z and a check for $7,950, Morrow and his team would build you a car that not only had a warranty, but would become a legendary collectible among Z enthusiasts.

As time has passed, the number of legitimate Scarab conversions have become cloudy – Some claim less than 200 “factory” Scarabs were ever produced, while others put that number upwards of 270.


So…this one is a homage to Scarab then? What a ripper looking tribute then! It certainly according to the auction sheet contains plenty of the things that Brian and co would have been proud of:

1975 Datsun 280Z Scarab Tribute
Year: 1975
Make: Datsun
Model: Scarab Tribute
Series: 280 Z
Body: 2-Door Coupe
Steering: Left Hand Drive
Engine: 8-Cylinder
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Colour: White
Seats: 2
Description/extras: Tinted windows. 5.7 Lt, V8 – 6 speed
Arizona Z Suspension
Adjustable coilovers
Velo race seats
Quaffe diff
Power steering
Removable steering wheel
BBS wheels
3 Targa Tasmanias, class winner in 1.
Chassis No: HLS30282638
ENG No: VF003340320

Tribute or not, it’s a Z car and I love it already. Now to win the lottery and build my own racetrack somewhere for friends and family only..

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