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Month: October 2015

Installing a Steelmate 386M Keyless Entry Central Locking kit

One day while attempting to climb into my Soarer for the commute to work, the lock refused to work. It jammed up more than your local freeway when a zombie outbreak occurs. This gave me a couple of options of course (after a week of climbing through the passenger door to drive anywhere)…and eventually a long hot afternoon of swearing at poorly written instructions in a central locking kit..

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The Volkswagen Wagon that really wanted to go

A confession first: I haven’t had much experience with VW’s. Oh there was my mate Javed’s blue Beetle that conked out more than a doped up prize fighter. Then there was Marty’s bug that I occasionally had to help start with my rotary rocket. But until this year I really hadn’t had much experience in the VW world and after trying the latest diesel Golf, I found it incompatible with my usual driving style.

Thankfully an offer came through to try out a 2012 Volkswagen Golf Comfortline Wagon…and that completely changed my views on one of Germany’s finest…

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