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Month: September 2015

Help! My ride is getting crapped on!

It seems my Stagea is getting crapped on and not by Legnum drivers. No a visiting gang of menacing sparrows have decided my Nissan is a fantastic canvas to cover in bird poo. And they have really put some time and effort in shitting all over it while it sits in the carport, looking sharp.

So this weekend I had a look at some successful possible solutions that didn’t invest in some kind of firearms license.

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Can I borrow your EX 2000 Turbo for a sec?

Currently sitting in my toilet for the amusement of both myself and my guests is a copy of Top Gear’s Midlife Crisis Cars – the ultimate guide to the best and worst cars to buy when you suddenly get to mid lift crisis stage. And while I’ve got a bit to go before I hit that stage of wanting a Posche 911, after reading it time and time again I really want to take a Mitsubishi EX 2000 Turbo for a spin…

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