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On the hunt for an incredible bargain priced…Ferrari?

The Ferrari 488 GTB goes on sale here in Australia in December 2015….but (and it’s a Sir Mix-A-Lot sized but here) if you pay for one in December, you’re still going to have to wait a couple more years before it actually is able to be parked outside of your mansion and bragged about to your cashed up friends.

Finding that wait a touch on the long side, baulking at the mortgage level cost of $470k AUS and keeping the focus on the fun that is a used car, we’ve decided instead to find a few more bargain Ferrari’s more in line with average (not much) earnings.

So if you have a hankering for a prancing horse badged..something outside of your bachelor pad, read on!

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Coil packs

When the best plans become completely uncoiled

I’d owned my Nissan Stagea for all of 3 days when a tripled light warning flashed up one night on the way to a friends house. Not ideal considering one of those lights was ‘check engine’ and I figured I’d bought pure citrus.

After a quick Googling it seemed at least one of my coil packs were having a rough time…not an end of the world scenario but not ideal for proper running..

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