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Month: January 2015

Oh what a monster

I will admit that I have never driven a rally car in my life – but given the chance, I have stated in the past that I would hand over half of my testicles for a seat behind the wheel of a Lancia Delta Integrale.
But then I saw a pic of the Toyota 222D and…well lets just say I might be singing castrato for a while.
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The Capelling Wagon at the bank

A couple of days ago I had to take my wife to the bank and I managed to park my not so commonly seen imported wagon next to…an even less commonly seen imported Mazda Capella wagon. Mrs Drive automatically dismissed it as a ‘dark blue beat up old Mazda’ where I was wondering what exactly was the winding down sound I was hearing it make from the engine bay..

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Breathe damn you, breathe!

New Years Eve – I should have been putting some ice on the Coronas, party pies in the oven and some resolutions on my to do list in preparation for howling at the moon around midnight. Instead I was driving from town to town playing a game of ‘Do I have enough juice to make it to the next service station?’

AKA Now that I’ve finally gotten around to replacing my oxygen sensor in the Stagea, lets make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

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