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Do you know where the first car you ever bought is right now?

It’s an interesting pub question – do you know what ever happened to the first car you ever bought (not the first car you ever owned if you ended up with a hand me down)? My first ever car I owned was a 1989 Ford Laser, but the first car I ever shelled out my hard earned for was also from 1989 – A series 5 Mazda Rx7 turbo imported from Japan. And until recently I thought it had ended up as a pile or rotary parts in the back of someone’s backyard…

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Subaru power steering pump

Less whine WRX please

It’s always the way isn’t it? If it isn’t one thing it’s another – case in point for project WRX was just finishing up the pulley swapover when the Subaru power steering pump started to groan like a small business getting a massive tax bill. A power steering noise? And here I was thinking that was the end of the whining in the Rex’s engine bay…

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