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20 things you need on display to show your inner revhead

Proud of your love of all things automotive and really want to show it off to anyone who comes calling? We’ve found 20 amazing bits of kit that would really spice up your lounge room/shed/garage/man cave and prove without a shadow of a doubt that it’s not blood that runs in your veins, it’s more likely methanol…

(If I haven’t provided a link for where you can buy one of these fantastic creations it’s probably because it’s a one off and not for mass sale. However if you do find a place that sells it, let me know and I’ll update the page.)

Rotor housing fish tank

Fish go round and round..

Nothing explains how much you love triangles, apex seals and eating pistons for lunch than having the family goldfish floating around in a rotor housing fish tank! Far quieter than having an actual 13B revving it’s heart out in the middle of your lounge, it also serves a fantastic purpose for those old housings that can’t be used again in your current rebuild. Just remember to feed little Nemo with actual fish food and not premix.

Where to get one: With the Rotortank website not currently working, you might have to make one of your own. Start with a rotor housing from a dead 13B (or 12a or 20b) and go from there.

Engine block coffee table

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting (and going for a drive with) Paul Stoddart from Minardi who revealed that at the end of one F1 season his engineers gave him a coffee table made out of Minardi V12. While an F1 engine is not very common in your local classifieds, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to crafting your own. The one in the picture is a Porsche 928 block (and a big shoutout to 928 Motorsports where you can buy it) and more recently a guy I worked with showed me pictures of the one he built out of a 1UZ-FE from a Soarer. (He also showed me pictures of his home made soda blaster setup which I tried myself with limited results…)

So where to get one?: 928 Motorsports (link above), Amazon, eBay, make your own, Engine Coffee Tables UK, plenty of places – take your pick.

Number plates on the wall

I was building up a nice collection in my back shed before I moved – I had my personalised plates from my Rx7, a ‘Rotary’ number plate I picked up from the local markets, a set of interstate plates from my Soarer…now they’re relegated to a box in the garage of this rental until I buy a place again that allows me to drill random things into the wall.

Still, it’s not like they’re hard to come by…

Where to find em?: Everywhere. Try your local wreckers first.

Piston lamp

Glory be, how gorgeous does this thing look? So shiny you won’t want to turn it off. Perfect for thumbing through old manuals late at night when you should be sleeping, desperately trying to find out where that last left over bolt actually goes and if it’s important enough to be reinstalled.

Ooh that looks amazing, where can I get one?: The one pictured is from Amazon.

Engine block wine rack

‘Oh I see the problem you have here, cylinder 1 is full of merlot!’.  And what a problem this would be too. Welp, now that the first cylinder is clear we better work on the rest of them right now…

And it doesn’t even have to be wine either – vodka, rum, whiskey, the choices to fill your classy rack are practically endless. If you’re going to make your own obviously a V12 would be a far better choice in rack than something with only 4 openings (unless you’re not much of a drinker..)

Where to get one: Unless someone can furnish me with a link, DIY seems to be the only way to go. The good thing is there’ll be plenty of choices and blown up engines out there. Get creative!

Spark plug chandelier

Normal crystal chandeliers a little too ostentatious for you? Bring it right back to backyard workshop level with this amazing spark plug ornament. Perfect for the stylish car owner who prefers their Corvettes over their caviar and their rotaries over their race horses. If that was in my house though I’d probably want new spark plugs in there rather than 10 thou old versions just so every plug looks uniform…and not caked in grime. But hey, that’s me.

Where to get one: Start offering free spark plug changes for every car in your neighbourhood. Start building your collection of plugs from there..

Wrench clock

What time is it I hear you ask? Beer time of course. But dad, we just started! Yes son, but according to my ring spanner clock it is beer time and we mustn’t upset the clock you see! Functional and handy if you can’t find your actual garage spanner set as you can take this off the wall and go to town on that nut.

Where to buy one: Erm, not sure. I can find plenty of clocks with pictures of wrenches but that’s about it. Maybe buy a clock mechanism and start welding..

Car part chess set

Spark plug takes lifter. Cog to whatever we’re using a rook, four. I haven’t played chess in a very long time but I’d be keen for a game or two if someone broke out this set. Unlike other board games, if you lose a piece or two during your travels then it’s really not hard to find a replacement at your local junk yard. You try doing that with missing bits of Monopoly!

I like chess, gimme gimme!: The one pictured is from Amazon.

Tire tread table

Drifted your track tires to death? Don’t turf them, table them instead! Enjoy a few beers and cigars over your recycled Nittos and laugh about how you’ll take that third corner better next time..

Whoa! Want!: Become good friends with your local tire fitter and you might even get half your materials for free!

Brake caliper tape dispenser

I don’t know who looked at a brake caliper once upon a time and thought ‘You know what I could do with this Brembo? I could stick a roll of tape in it and use it in my office!’ but what a genius idea! The ones in the link aren’t real calipers but they are far less work than attempting to build your own..

My office could do with a brake caliper tape dispenser: Well there’s plenty of colours to choose from however if you want to build your own, who wouldn’t be impressed by a shiny Brembo sitting on your desk?

Cam shaft door handle

Simple idea, beautifully effective. Remove normal handles, replace with camshafts. New or ones you’ve ground down before, it’s up to you.

I’d like nice new clean ones I think: Wouldn’t we all? So shiny. Try here.

Wrench photo frame

Nothing says ‘I’m proud of both my family and the cars I work on’ than this lovely hand built wrench photo frame. A few bucks at your local garage sale, a spot of welding, a nice photo and away you go!

But I can’t weld!: No worries – try Homewetbar!

Car body pool table

Oh. Hell. Yes. I don’t think I need to explain this one to you do I?

No, no you don’t. Just tell me where I can get one!: That one above in particular? That thing of absolute beauty? That’s from Carpooltables.com. Glorious

Half car lounge

Drive home from work in a car and then relax watching TV, while sitting…in another car! Get the fastest in comfort you’ll ever find!

Yes! I’d enjoy that!: Well don’t waste time, check out what the team at New Retro Cars can do for you!

Car rim bookends

What a clever idea! And even better you’d only have to clean them once (unless your bookcase travels a lot). The perfect edition to your scores of parts manuals, wiring diagrams, reference books and car magazines.

I need these ends!: Try Etsy or someone skilled with a very large and precise cutting device.

Big rim side table

Out of all of these wonderful editions to your shrine of automotive worship this one has surely got to be the easiest to make yourself. Take one tire, put on another. Put some glass on top. Prepare for the most awesome bedroom you’ve ever seen.

But if I wanted to buy one?: Go on, make it yourself. Marvel in your handy work. Do it, it’s a great feeling.

Oil filter down light

Now unless I was using a fresh clean filter, I’d struggle making this for one reason – usually to get them out of any car I’ve worked on, I have to run them through with a screwdriver and hammer first before turning them to get them off. So a gaping hole wouldn’t be a good look at all – I suggest using a new one for this project, or even better save yourself the hassle and check out the link below.

Link?: Yes this one, to Zal Creations on Etsy.

Turbo lamp with pod filter

Keep up with the speed of light with this turbo lamp! Hilariously clever and I love the fact that they’ve used everything in the setup of this including the compressor wheel. I wonder if it goes ‘pssssssst’ when you switch it off?

I need this in my life!: Well there was an Etsy store that sold them but it doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore. So for the next best thing, enjoy this set of instructions from Instructables.

Clutch clock

Plenty of meat left of this time piece! What time is it? Time for a new fly wheel! (Okay I’ll stop now.) Seriously if there isn’t a version of this in the Scrapheap Challenge production studio, I’ll be well and truly amazed.

Creative! I like it. Where can I get one?: Get these guys to make you one!

And finally…Header stag skull

As legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross is fond of saying, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! What an incredibly amazing bit of fabrication. Seriously you’d be too busy being blow away by its sheer magnificence to react to the waves of satanic energy coming from this hellish trophy. It’s the automotive stuff of nightmares and we love it!

I want this so bad!: Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems it was made for an art exhibition somewhere. Still, as automotive talking points and conversation starters go you probably won’t get any better ice breakers than this bad boy….

Seen any other amazing pieces of car related furniture and the like? Let us know in the comments below!

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