1995 Chrysler LeBaron – meet the Humdinger!

Remember that episode of Top Gear where there lads created their own car, the Hammerhead Eagle-1 Thrust? For a moment I thought this Chrysler LeBaron was one of theirs too. But no, it’s another of those incredibly unique builds you find on Facebook classifieds looking for a new owner!

But are you ready to take this award winner home and make it your own? Let’s find out!

Now for those of you not from Chrysler LeBaron territory..

And according to the stats, this humble blog does reach many far reaches across the globe – so you might not be aware of what a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron actually looks like before you break out the power saw and fibreglass kit (and that does include me). If that’s the case, here’s the original:

So you can just imagine the planning and work involved to go from the above to something that now looks ready to tow small planes on a runway somewhere. Meet the ‘Humdinger!’

Maybe it tows things out of storage sheds now?

I don’t know the why, I’m not sure I want to know the why but it’s definitely a thing and it’s definitely for sale. Which means if an original Chrysler LeBaron out of the mid 90’s was just too tame in looks for you, well there’s a fair chance this version has never been copied since so you’re guaranteed a one of a kind with this baby!

Seller’s Description

I am not owner I am helping him sell I can put you in touch with owner if you are interested. The Humdinger one of a kind ! Won awards at several car shows! Convertible, flip top, fun to drive! 3.0 v6 removable doors storage bins covered in line-x fun in the sun great beach car! altered/home built It is available if you see the ad I will mark sold when it sells $7200 OBO

The deeper I look into this thing, the more Frankencar vibes I’m getting although I’m sure plenty of the US audience who have landed here will be far better than I am in identifying various parts (Ie: The lights are from a 198x Ford Bronco and the fibreglass from a Kelvinator Fridge circa 1978..) And feel free to comment if you can spot something from another model on it. There’s certainly plenty of pics to work through for this game!

Although I’m guessing most of the interior is still the original glory from 1995?

And can this block pull small planes along? Asking for a friend.

Unfortunately I can’t actually find any of the awards it’s won so that’s a conversation you’ll need to have with the owner if you’re keen (well actually the owner’s mate) but hilariously I’m not the only one thinking this was the result of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond having a crack at things:

From R/Namethatcar

Additionally I might be onto something about it being a tow car now, further down that Namethatcar Reddit Thread:

I can’t speak of this car specifically but we got a batch of VERY similar cars in for wholesale a few years ago. Larger axles, stuffer springs, some with diamond plate steel flatbed and some with a hitch on top of the rear. They were used to move around cargo and stuff like RVs. For how cheap they sold for I’m assuming these were cheaper than trying to maintain forklifts, or repaving an entire lot to support the forklift weight.

Reddit User rwhockey29

So if you’ve always wanted a Chrysler LeBaron AND have a lot of junk to drag around, then this one is definitely for you! Find it Conway, South Carolina (it really shouldn’t be that hard to find at all!) and good luck!

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