1991 Ford Festiva – part kart, all fun!

Firstly happy new year! Secondly, what a way to kick off 2024 with a Ford Festiva ready for parades and your local 18 hole golf course…pretty much everywhere except for the roads!

Just when I thought Facebook had gone quiet, along putts this Ford Festiva..

And boy oh boy is this one a hilariously little project. In fact I’ll let the current owner explain things:

Seller’s Description

Really hate to sale my toy but..This is not ur normal festiva this is harbor freight engine swap festiva with the stock 5 speed no it’s not legal for the road unless you can pull some strings I got a title but it’s signed from previous owner I never signed my name and send it off to get it back in my name yes it’s on golf cart tire and has go kart bucket seats PVC pipe roll cage for looks and fun quick release steering wheel I have topped this thing off at 50mph I got alot of money in this thing but had a blast putting it in parades and car shows and take it to rod run my loss your gain price is or OBO

Lucas, current Ford Festiva owner.

Having wrestled with (and still doing so until everything is finally level) plenty of PVC for a desk project at home, I can only imagine the fun times of trying to cut it and fit it into something resembling a roll cage but here we are.

Go you little mad machine, go!

And if you’re like me (namely not from the land of bald eagles and freedom fries) and are wondering what a harbour freight engine swap might entail, well in this case it’s had the fuel injected Mazda B series engine removed and replaced with…something with a pull start. Yes indeed this Ford Festiva certainly does have some go karting aspirations now but trying to convince your local go kart track owner to let you give it a fang around their track might be an interesting conversation.

Still, as mentioned above this plucky little Festive Ford Festiva would look perfect in parades or roaming about checking out some Christmas lights.

And it’s only now that I look at things closer that I can appreciate the little things. Like the eyelids on the lights, the front air splitter and the bonnet scoop to keep that harbour freight Predator engine breathing okay. Not to mention Lucas’s huge grin there because he has first hand experience knowing how much fun this thing is (not to mention how many looks it would get as he rolled past.)

1991 Ford Festiva

Ahh memories..

Every time I look at this thing I can’t help but reminisce over my own Ford experience, the similar vintage 1989 Ford Laser that was my introduction to (not very fast or exciting at all) car ownership. Built to be basic as all get out, it just went and went and went and provided you kept up with the service (sadly I didn’t) it could last forever.

However at now stage of having those keys in my pocket did I think ‘This needs to become part go kart and part golf cart. I wonder what parts from both I can dig up around here?’

Pity. It might still be going to this day if that was the case, rather than rot away in a paddock somewhere. Because somehow this has gone for a million miles.
Wait a minute..

About This Vehicle

Driven 1,000,000 miles

Automatic transmission

Exterior color: Red ยท Interior color: Grey

Fuel type: Gasoline

Currently for sale in Hayesville North Carolina US, just $1200 of bald eagles handed over and it’s yours. There’s even a quick video of it in action on the Facebook ad (hurry, it won’t be there when this Ford Festiva sells!) Enjoy…and happy new year again!

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